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■Project Launched!(2011/12/27)

The second phase of Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Project, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, has started. (The first phase ended in October 2011.) In this phase, we implement the following programs for the youth living in poverty.

- Training for conducting community services
- Non-formal education courses (sports, theatre, music, art, and story- writing)

This phase will further develop the achievements of the first phase.

Activities during the first phase: voluntary cleaning in a community

Soccer class, so popular that some on the waiting list

We also focus on the followings in order to deepen community’s understanding of youth issues.

- Training for Higher Council for Youth (HCY), a local governmental agency in charge of youth activities
- Workshop for parents

Ambassador Mr. Junichi Kosuge and the second secretary Ms. Yoko Yabui from the Embassy of Japan in Jordan attended the signing ceremony held at the Youth Center.

Mr. Kosuge (right) at the signing table

Warm message from the ambassador

After the signing ceremony, the ambassador interacted with beneficiaries from the first phase. Also, the art class showed its piece of work.

Mr. Kosuge with youth beneficiaries

Interaction with the youth

Ambassador looking at students’ art work

In this phase, we aim to establish the system of implementing community service activities driven by the youth in cooperation with local organizations and community people.

We greatly appreciate for your continued understanding and warm support for our project in Jordan.

Reported by Koko Kato(Project Coordinator)
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