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■Donation Presented from Jordan to Ofunato Junior High School (2011/11/22)

On October 28, a fund of 152 JD (approximately 17,000 yen) raised through the Five-Piaster Campaign, held in Jordan immediately after the East Japan Great Earthquake, was delivered to Ofunato Junior High School in Iwate Prefecture.

Supportive messages given with donations

Calling for donations

The local staff members of the KnK Youth Center in Jordan took the initiative to start this campaign right after the Great Earthquake.  Youth and children who came to the center willingly helped them with the activity.

Local staff member looking closely at photos of the devastation

The recipient of the donations is the school Yujo no Reporter (Reporter for Friendship) Satoe Yasumiishi goes to.  For the presentation ceremony, we visited Satoe’s classroom and presented the donations after how and why the funds were raised was explained. 

Donation box filled with warm support,
directly placed in Satoe’s hands

To reach out to the Japanese people in return for their continuing support, local staff members quickly started the fundraising campaign.  We are grateful for their quick action and kind hearts.  We also hope that the donations will help earthquake survivors even if only slightly.

Reported by Koko Kato(Project Coordinator)
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