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■Completion of Four Videos(2011/08/04)

Over the course of 3 weeks, two teams of children using a film camera, their own themes, storyboards, and narration produced a video series from their personal experiences. Although the children expressed concerns such as “can we really do this?” “we don’t have much time to make the films,” and “what do we do if something happens?”, the teams, one of boys and one of girls, successfully completed four videos.

Video 1: “I Want to Help My Friends” (12 min./girls’ team)
The Juba district of Amman is a poor area without much social order. Ronak, who lives here in these poor living conditions, and her friends, participated in the video workshop to help them.  From making this video, Ronak and her friends gained a feeling of being able to make a difference.  Therefore, this spirit shows throughout the entire video.

Video 2: “Welcome to Downtown” (11 min./girls’ team)
The capital city of Jordan, Amman, is a city rich in history.  This video workshop for the girls’ team in Amman had the most energy and the attraction to downtown Amman was irresistible to everyone involved.

Video 3: “Focus on Driving” (7 min./boys’ team)
In recent years as the population in the capital city of Amman becomes more concentrated, there is an increase in car traffic, and with it a sharp increase in car accidents. For the young Muslim boy who participated in this video workshop, he couldn’t forget when his best friend’s father died in a car accident the constant sorrow on his friend’s face. This video hopes to reduce traffic accidents by a little bit.

Video 4: “Father’s Dignity” (10 min./boys’ team)
Arriving at Jordan, smokers can be seen everywhere.  Underage smoking is developing into a social problem.  Therefore, why do children start smoking?  This video shows the perspectives of both children and parents.

Many people attended the last presentation of these videos from the Japanese Embassy.  After the screening, one by one the participants received a certificate of completion, and a sense of self-confidence shown in their faces.

Participants of Video Workshop

This video workshop did not have a specific purpose.  The video production appealed to everyone to in discussions to make something mutually helpful for everyone. Rogina, who participated in the workshop, said, "I did it because I want to help my friends.  We should help everyone and not just ourselves.  Therefore, Everyone who helped each other did a good job.”

The presentation will conclude at the end of “Arabian Dance”!

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