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■Our student on TV (2011/01/06)

Ahmed Yousif Zanoon is a 16 years old Jordanian youth from Marka, where is one of the poor areas in eastern Amman. He has attended to the KnK’s youth center since a year ago. Jordan Radio and Television (JRTV) broadcasted the story of his having tried to develop his talent under his underprivileged condition.

JRTV is a well-known governmental broadcast station. Ahmed appeared on its morning live show program with his father and our local staff.

Interview practice with the older student
(right: Ahmed).

Enthusiastic staff to support Ahmed for speaking up

Handmade mixer, fan, and washing machine
(from left)

In the program, Ahmed explained how to normally come up with his invention. In the beginning of the show, he had looked nervous, but because of the practice, his explanation could go smoothly. He also talked about Drawing class he currently joins at the center, explaining how he has been motivated to make a creative stuff through the class.

Furthermore, we could explain KnK’s activities under the fund from the Japanese government. As soon as after the program has been broadcasted, some families came to visit our center to know more about us. The JRTV program helped our activities well known to the community.

Instructor, supporting Ahmed
to enhance his talent

It was our instructor who realized Ahmed’s potential at first. Through the simple conversation of asking him his hobby, she found his gift to make out a new gadget from old unused stuffs. Since then she has continuously followed him up in order to maximize his potential ability.




Drawing class, developing various talents of the youths by varieties of stuffs

KnK in Jordan aims to continue providing educational supports of good quality to the youth like Ahmed, who waits own potential to be activated under difficult situations. Your continuous warmest support would be highly appreciated.

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