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■New Project has started in Amman (2010/11/19)
Making a pact of Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Projects with the Embassy of Japan in Jordan; Mr. Asako, Minister Counsellor (right)

KnK in Jordan has initiated the project of promoting the sound growth of the youth at the Youth Center in Amman, the capital of the country. Through the project, we maintain the partnership with the Jordanian governmental body, Higher Council for Youth (HCY).

Jordan is known for its young demographic characteristic; its half population under nineteen years old. Reportedly, the eighty percent of the under nineteen years old population live in a city. For them, the poverty is the most eminent problem. The poverty is greatly related with the scarcity of natural resources in the country. Its economy tends to be affected by the capital influx from abroad and also by the Middle East situation.

Our new project site,
Capital Amman Youth Center


Under the poor condition, the youth tend to be vulnerable to risks, such as violence, drug use, and dropout from school. Since 2007, KnK has continued its educational support for such youth at three youth centers, governed by HCY. At each every center, it could receive many beneficiaries by having a positive effect on the community. By receiving their strong request for KnK’s further continuous activities, we have recently started the project of Non-formal Education, Youth, and Community Program in the Capital Amman Youth Center. Especially, the project focuses on enriching sentiment of the youth through promoting their creativity, expressional skill, and communication skill.

“Let’s cooperate for the youth to find hope.” Co-signboard with HCY

. “We cannot wait the course to start!”
with registered students

The initiation of our new project has been known for the community by words of mouth. As a result, we are receiving more students than the capacity of the classrooms. Some who cannot register will be asked to wait until the next semester. Another positive effect is that girls continuously attend our activities, which was not the case in the center before.

English: No Arabic in the classroom, please!
Focusing on the conversation skill with the instructor from British Council
Sports: Learning teamwork through handball and basketball games Drawing: Enhancing creativity and expression skills by using various materials

Music: I want to touch a guitar soon!

PC: Learning how to use the software of Photoshop to create the website
Theatre: Voice and expression trainings for a role-play

The Jordanian government has aimed to enrich sentiment education. However, it still struggles with challenges that need to be tackled before the realization of its goal, such as the high density of a classroom and the following of cramming system of education at school. While the government also aspires to enhance life skills of the youth, HCY in charge of extracurricular activities faces the difficulty of intensifying its activities on a daily-basis due to the lack of budget and human resources. Thus it results in focusing on activities during the summer. This hinders its continuous effort to develop diverse potentials of students and to follow up their behavior changes.

Considering the hindering, KnK believes the new project with HCY will be able to actualize long-term follow-up of the youth for the betterment of their sound growth. We further expect it will provide the opportunity of enlarging and enriching their life skills and as a result strengthen their readiness to participate in social and economic activities.

Last not but least, KnK in Jordan appreciates your warmest support during the previous projects and wishes your further continuous cooperation.

Project Coordinator Koko Kato
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