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Special Thanks to

■ A prolonged support for Iraqi refugee children (2009/07/13)

UNHCR estimates that more than 500,000 Iraqi refugees are currently living in Jordan. For them, KnK is providing non-formal education in Marka, in East Amman, where many Iraqi refugees have reportedly been displaced.

Since 2007, Jordan has provided Iraqi refugees public education through the assistance of the UNHCR. It has been the case, however, that they are often discouraged to continue attending school. It is partly because they cannot get well accustomed to their new school. For instance, classmates make fun of them because of their Iraqi dialects.

Children packed in a staff office before class starts, “Ms! What is my today’s subject?”

Marka Youth Center provides courses that are fun and enjoyable in the friendly atmosphere. And this helps children grow everyday.

In the beginning, they felt shy to make an English conversation with us, even such a simple greeting of “Hello”. However, nowadays they are willing to use English. It could be largely because they overcome hesitation to use other language than theirs through English lesson.

Engaging in class very seriously.
At the soccer game, “Give me your ball!”

In particular, Dance class for girls and Soccer class for boys are popular and many students attend at every class.
Most of the students at Dance class tended to dance as individual and did not care much about how to dance as a group. Since then, they have learned how to perform as a team, such as making a beautiful circle with classmates. Furthermore, they have been encouraged to dance in front of people and this helps them gain more self-confidence.

Students of Soccer class had a tournament with a local team and they played an evenly matched game. Moreover, through the game they could realize how sorry they feel in losing a point and how important to play as a team for winning.

We received wonderful gifts from a Japanese sportswear company, Asics. The company provided our KnK’s Jordan program sports wears through the kind assistance of JPF, our supporter. We distributed them mainly for the students attending Dance and Soccer classes. In this country, it is rare to see the custom of changing cloth during sports. Thus, children used to wear their usual cloth even during Dance and Soccer classes.

“Dear Asics, Thank you for your support.” with their hand-made poster.

As you can easily imagine, this decreases flexibility of their physical movement. The Asics wear enables them more free and comfortable body movement. In addition, the provision of the wear was the golden opportunity to appeal Japan’s presence in terms of supporting the displaced Iraqi children.



Children proud of themselves.

Let’s keep studying!

We are often delighted to see children’s smile at the center. Their expression implies that they are feeling safe and ease. We believe that coming to our center regularly helps them somehow return to their normalized life, even though their living situations as refugees seem still not to be normalized. It is true especially for the displaced Iraqi children. Notably, the Convention on the Rights of the Child highlights the importance of getting children back to the normal life even in the difficult situation.

Considering the current unsafe situation in Iraq, it is too soon to expect that the children will return to their home country very soon. Many Iraqi families we met in Marka repeatedly say, “Without a 100% promise of safety, we won’t go back to Iraq”. Particularly saying, Iraqi families are still arriving in this country for security after six-years from the war. Since their future path is still unseen, the Iraqi refugee children need prolonged supports from our center. And we are hoping that our support enhances their quality of life and enables them to live their protracted refugee situations much easier.

We are very glad if we could have your further support. Your support would contribute for future benefit of our children at Marka.


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