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■ A video workshop in Jordan Vol.3 (2009/06/10)

Video workshop in Jordan was done. 26 boys and girls participated in this workshop. 13 short films was produced, boys made 5 films and girls made 8 films. This workshop is just beginning of new project, “1001 nights” for these youths. We didn’t have much time to finish editing all stories. They will make films by themselves. KnK’s 1001 nights has just began.

They filmed role play based on their real experience.

“Ready, action!”

Filming outside of our center.

This is a special lecture for boys.

You better choose “B” rather than “A” to make the story more interesting.

Local staff members will lead boys and girls after I came back to Japan.

Local staff members will lead boys and girls after I came back to Japan.


Pick up one film each from boys and girls.

Alarm in Iraq

One day when I was playing chess at home, I heard a big sound outside. I opened the window and checked what happened. It was bombing. I evacuated with friends to a shelter. And just after that, I heard alarm sound.
My uncle died of bombing in Iraq.

Alarm in Iraq didn’t work because it started after bombing started.

Ibrahim (14)

He kept this idea in his mind during this workshop. He could finally speak up this story because he trusted other team members and staff members.


An unexpected occurrence

A girl likes watching a birds nest on the tree near by her house. She liked watching birds feeding babies everyday.
One day she found something different on the tree. She saw an something red on the ground. She walked to the object and found that it was a baby bird. She thought that it dropped from the nest. She picked it up and tried to bring it back to the nest but she couldn’t find the nest there.

She heard voices of boys playing. The boys were playing with the nest. The nest didn’t look as it was.

Al Anoord

She is not a hard worker but she keeps her own pace. But she had a perfect attendance during the workshop. She had a message in this film.

“ Iraq was very peaceful. But suddenly intruders came to Iraq and destroyed our peace.”

KnK conducted the first video workshop in Cambodia in 2004. The purpose was that we wanted vulnerable children who had no opportunity to get education and choose their jobs to realize variety of vocations in their future. Since then we performed this workshop in 5 countries and this workshop is 7th.

Self video showing with each others.

Video workshop in Jordan vol.1
Video workshop in Jordan vol.2

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