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■Video workshop, Report from Jordan Vol.4 (2008/03/17)

9th day

We encountered a serious problem although the workshop was advanced well up to now. The images we took with a great effort could not be used any more.

In this video workshop a story we were filming was based on a participant’s experience. But we were informed that if we use images we filmed a day ago, some of our Iraqi participants might have at risk.

We held emergency meeting.

I asked team members if you wanted to use the image or gave it up as to protect our friends.

Filming the image of the problem. Who imagined the problem at that moment.

They answered such as...
“Why don’t we cover “mosaic” on the faces?”
“I want to use it because it took time and we did it!”
“Shall we film another situation?”

A lot of opinions we had during the meeting. I asked them again.
“I know you want to use the image we filmed. So do I. But your friends may have at risk because of that. You still want to use it?”

A boy said, “Are you sure that someone will have problems?”
I told him, “I’m not sure. May be yes, may be no.”

Then we continued the meeting and reached a conclusion. We decided not to use the image.

We gave up the image that Iraqi boy was arrested by Jordanian police. This might cause the police accused.

We wouldn’t have had the problem if we had been all Jordanians and had filmed just a tourism video. But our team was mixed with Jordanians and Iraqi, and we were filming Iraqi who was evacuated to Jordan. Each participant had strong emotions, such as “anger”, “stress”, “sadness”, “painful” and “disappointment” because of that problem. And we realized that those emotions might be similar to those Iraqi people had in Jordan.

We filmed tearing a story picture sheet and breaking a tape for expressing those emotions.

Tearing a story picture sheet and breaking a tape

We realized that it was so a sensitive matter that Iraqi people were facing in this country and felt afraid of being accused to be deported.

Student’s introduction Vol.3 Ban(17)

Ban who is in charged of sound is very active girl. Not only sound but also she willingly takes care of a camera and other equipments. She became a reporter in the workshop. She and her family came to Jordan in 2000. She left her brother and sister in Iraqi. Her father had a heart problem and needed operation. But it was very expensived to go to hospital. She still lives in Jordan without some of family.

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