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■Video workshop, Report from Jordan Vol.3 (2008/03/12)

7th - 8th day

It was the first day for students to film outside. They might felt bored for my lecture in the classroom. When I said, “Let’s go filming outside today!” they shouted and were about to go outside with cameras. But where were they going to go without knowing where they should go? They supposed to film something following Story Pictures.

The subject on that day was filming a boy’s experience in Iraq. It was a cruel story. When the boy was going back home form school with his friend, a black car coming to them then his friend was shot and killed by someone form the car.

The position of cameras was very important.
They are all serious.

A footage, his friend shot and killed.
They could film well, couldn’t they?

A driver kindly help them for their role playing.

Student’s introduction Vol.1 Sheldrd (17)

He is in charge of a Director in the workshop and also the main character in the role-playing.

Q Why did you participate in the video workshop?

A I have nothing to do everyday and wanted to enjoy something with friends.

Q What did you learn from this workshop?

A I learned the importance of holing a camera tight.

Q What is your future dream?

A I want to have my own photo studio.

His friend was shot and killed in front of him and his grand father was died of heart attack when his house was bombed, then he evacuated from Iraq. Now he is always smiling and looks happy in the workshop although he has tough experience.

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