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■Video workshop, Report from Jordan Vol.2 (2008/03/03)

4th - 5th day

We discussed subject of this video. There are a lot of Iraqi people who evacuated form Iraq are living in Jordan. They live in Jordan with safety but with no social security services. We got an idea that filming real lives of Iraqi in Jordan makes Jordanian and Iraqi understand each other.

A psycho socialist visited and observed this workshop.

Each student closed their eyes and held hand of students beside in the dark room.

They felt something from each others, didn’t they?

6th day

The subject was an experience of one of participants. They made story pictures based on his story.

This paper was very important note as we would film following this paper.
An interpreter persuade 2 boys because their opinions were different.

They were drawing pictures using their imaginations.

ID cards were given to each student to encourage their achievement. They always kept it although they sometimes forgot notebooks and pens. They seemed be to be very happy and talked about this workshop

Student’s introduction Vol.1 Yousif (14) 

A gentle boy, Yousif, is in charge of my assistant. He carried my belongings without any asking or arranged other team’s coral. I really depended on him.

Q. Why did you take part in this video workshop?

A. A school certification will be nothing for me to get job in this country because I am Iraqi. That is why I want to learn techniques of a camera in this workshop.

Q. What is the impression of this workshop?

A. I take photos of my friends in the workshop as an assistant. It is very useful for me.

Q. What is your future dream?

A. I want to be a photographer. It is good opportunity for me to operate a single eye camera not a video camera.

Photo by Yousif
Photo by Yousif

Photo by Yousif
It is interesting flaming although he hasn’t learned exposure.

He took photos of my teaching

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