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■Video workshop Report from Jordan Vol.1 (2008/02/27)

Video workshop started from 19 February in Jordan. There are 14 participants who are not only Jordanian but also from Iraqi displaced families.

1st day

Boys and girls were just enjoyed using a video camera without any difficult explanations. Jordanian girls were more active than Cambodian or Indonesian girl. They took a camera from boys and were excited very much. When girls became active boys would be quiet.

Girls were very active to use a camera.
A boy started to use a chair for mobile filming without any lecture.

2nd day

It was very important to enjoy but this workshop was also serious. They watched what they had filmed last day and considered.

Q. Give me good points from your film.

A. “Picture is very beautiful”, “The sound is good”, “Easy performance.”

Q. Give me bad points.

A. “Screen is moving a lot”, “A lot of zooming”, “No face, only foot!”

They realized that good points were the performance of the camera and the bad points were proof which they didn’t have no camera technique.
“We are not professional!” they said,
When I asked them, “Well, shall I give you my technique?” they started to shout, “Please! Please teach me!”

You can’t learn the sense of image from a person, it isn’t, however, so difficult to get techniques of handling a camera. If you learn just basic skills, your picture would be much close to professional one.

Use a strap. You may drop the camera.
An older boy took care of a younger boy.

3rd day

We couldn’t avoid interview because we were going to make a documentary film. They practiced interview with the basic technique they got last day. They felt like to be a TV reporter as they use a microphone. It was very nice to see them practicing seriously following what they learned.

They look professional to use microphone and tripod.

They look professional to use microphone and tripod.

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