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■KnK plans to give assistance to Iraqi youths in Jordan (2007/10/05)

Probably hardly anyone is against the idea of giving emergency assistance to the victims of massive natural disaster. Not only to rescue victims, to give aid, and to provide food and shelter, but an upsurge of solidarity, wanting to offer helping hand to the wounded, is common as human beings.
Though there might be some criticisms on delayed aid and insufficient support, there are definitely no victims responsible for natural disasters.
Based on these thoughts, since the incidences of Sumatra Earthquake and Indian Ocean Tsunamis, KnK has been involved in assistance activities to the child victims of Northern Pakistan Earthquake and Mid Java Island Earthquake.

But what stance should KnK to take on tragic incidents such as wars, racial /religious conflicts that are caused by human beings?

War in Iraq, strife among religious sects and ethnic groups, has triggered terrorist attacks occurring on an almost daily basis. There may be many who think that there could have been some ways to prevent all these before getting so tragic.

KnK is a non-profit organization that stands neutral toward any religion and politics. And observing hundreds of thousands of families with children, forced to leave their own country to lead displaced life in other countries today, KnK felt urge to give assistance, no matter how little it may be, to those children.

Thanks to all the supporters in Japan and local partner organizations, it became possible for KnK to implement assistance program in seven countries.  

Among these countries, tsunami affected areas, East Timor in time of turbulence and others are included. Utilizing these experiences, KnK plans to start with an assistance program for Iraqi youths in neighboring Jordan where they are accepted as displaced people.

We wish to get your approval and your support for the sake of Iraqi youths spending displaced life in Jordan.

KnK Executive Director
Dominique Leguillier

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