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■Reporter for Friendship: I will go to see them again by all means. (2013/05/02)

I am Kaname Goto, one of the "Reporters for Friendship" for spring break in 2013. I became sick and was hospitalized in Cambodia.

March 30 (Sat)
While I was interviewing at Bayon in Angkor Wat, I was sick, feeling dizzy and tired. Even though I needed to ask questions, I could not even look at the interviewees' faces.

March 31 (Sun)
While everybody else had a good time, eating meals and dancing at the welcome party of House for Youth, I had to lie down in bed. I was so sad, but some of them came to me once in a while and we talked using a Cambodian –Japanese "Point and Speak" phrase book. I was happy as I could communicate with them a little.

Yujo no ReporterI was hospitalized on April 1 (Mon) and moved to a large hospital the following day. Surprisingly, the friends of House for Youth came to see me. By using the Cambodian –Japanese "Point and Speak" phrase book, we communicated a lot about our pleasures, our boy/girl friends and meals. I was so happy that I felt a little better. When they left, they casually said good-bye. I did not know that this was the last time that we could meet, and I also said good-bye casually. I regretted that and I thought that I should have said good-bye more cordially.

At night, the doctor came to inform me of the diagnosis. I was told to go to a larger hospital in Siem Reap, because they did not know how to treat me. Then I realized that I would not be able to visit to see the friends of House for Youth again. I was so disappointed, but I had to go to Siem Reap. I am not able to do interviews unless I recover my health. They came to see me off. I was glad to see Socheng's smiles, who was especially close to me.

April 3 (Wed)
I could finally get out of the hospital. But I could not walk straight as I was lying down for four days in the hospital. I often ran out of my breath and got dizzy when I got up. Even after I came back to Japan, I felt dizzy for one week.

Yujo no ReporterWhat I realized in Cambodia is the importance of words. Before I went, I thought that I would be able to communicate by using gestures as long as I have a smile, but I was wrong. When doctors and nurses talked to me, I could not understand them without the help of KnK staff members and they were at a loss. So I realized that the words are important. I will try harder to study English at school so that I will be able to speak English.

Thank you, my friends of House for Youth, for coming to meet me at the hotel for the interview or coming and encouraging me at the hospital As I said "See you soon" when I left, I will visit Cambodia to see them again by all means. I will tell them "I am very glad to see you again." in Cambodian.

Yujo no Reporter

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