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■Reporter for Friendship: Pre-trip Orientation for Kaname and Suzuka (2013/03/08)

Selected as “Reporters for Friendship” for spring break in 2013, Kaname Goto (resident of Gifu Prefecture, 13 years old) and Suzuka Mizutani (resident of Kanagawa Prefecture, 14 years old) are leaving for Cambodia at the end of March.

Reporter 1

On March 2nd (Sat), Kaname, Suzuka and some of the past reporters gathered at the KnK office in Tokyo for their pre-trip orientation. They confirmed their schedule in Cambodia and learned how to film using a video camera. Among the past reporters who came to encourage them, two of the reporters of 2000 were the oldest.

Reporter 2 Kaname and Suzuka Learning how to use a video camera
Reporter 3
Practiced interviewing
Reporter 4
Tried filming

Kaname and Suzuka told their enthusiasm after the orientation.

Kaname Goto

Staff members of KnK are all so friendly and I could open up to them soon. As I had a lot of advice from the past reporters, I became less anxious. I would like to make as many friends as possible and communicate with them in Cambodia. I would also like to watch and listen to a lot of things. In order to inform children throughout Japan about these things and to share them with many people, I will do my best for public relations activities after I come back.

Suzuka Mizutani

After learning more about Cambodia and the schedule in detail, I feel that I am actually leaving for Cambodia. I am really excited. As a reporter, I want to know more about Cambodia. It is encouraging to hear what the past reporters told us. I will try hard to experience many things during my ten-day trip to Cambodia and to tell many people what I felt there.

Reporter 5
Watching the videos of past reporters

They will visit Cambodia from March 28 (Thu) to April 6 (Sat). Don’t miss their report.

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