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■Photo exhibition at the European Commission in Brussels (2012/11/29)

Press Release from KnK (Children without Borders)

The photo exhibition “Japan Tsunami – Hope and Recovery” showing photos of kids from devastated areas and of reconstruction efforts is held since November, 27th at the European Commission in Brussels.

photo iwate photo iwate photo iwate
Some of the photos shown at the exhibition

Around fifty photos of the tsunami devastated areas taken by photo journalists Atsushi Shibuya, Natsuki Yasuda, Kei Sato and KnK staff since March 2011 and photos of workers operating on the damaged Dai-Ichi Nuclear plant in Fukushima taken by photographer Kazuma Obara are shown.
After the earthquake, KnK received funds that were collected by European Commission staff members volunteers. This exhibition, organized by them, aims at sharing with Europeans the distress that followed the earthquake and how children are now part of the reconstruction.

At the exhibition opening held in presence of Kojiro Shiojiri, Ambassador of Japan to the European Union, Maros Sefcovic, Vice-president of the European Commission,and Kristalina Georgieva, European Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian aid and Crisis Response hopes and thoughts from Europe to Japan were expressed.

photo EU
Ambassador Shiojiri (first from the right),
EC Vice-president Sefcovic (second from the right)
and Georgieva (first from left)

photo EU
Ambassador Shiojiri (right) with Dominique Leguillier, KnK General Secretary

You can see pictures of the exhibition by clicking on the following links.

<NHK (in Japanese)>

<European Commission>
(Commemorative pictures taken in front of KnK photos) 

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