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■For Reconstruction of Community Bases / Tanohama Area, Yamada Town (2012/11/16)

Reported by Akinori Kumamoto, KnK Staff Member

Tanohama 1

In addition to educational support for children in the affected areas, KnK also provides assistance in the repair and reconstruction of community bases for residents, such as public halls and community centers. (In kamaishi City, KnK reparied the devastated residents' center, Aoba Bldg.)

Today, I am reporting the progress of these reconstruction support activities.

Tanohama Community Center, Yamada Town

On Wednesday, September 12, the groundbreaking ceremony took place for the community center to be reconstructed in the Tanohama Area in Yamada Town. The ceremony was attended by 50 people, including the mayor of Yamada Town Shinitsu Sato, the former mayor of Yamada Town Kiichi Numazaki, staff members of Yamada Town office, and personalities involved in the construction, as well as Mr.Emmanuel Plat, CEO and President of Moët Hennessy-Louis Vuitton Japan, who supported the project with KnK, along with his employees. From KnK, President Saeko Terada and some staff members attended the ceremony.

Tanohara 2
Yamada Town Mayor Shinitsu Sato
hopes the center will be used as
the base of community exchange disaster prevention and town
Tanohara 3
Mr. Emmanuel Plat (right) and
Saeko Terada (left), offering silent prayers.

Long awaited since the completion of the land survey in December 2011 and the following building designing and land development, the groundbreaking ceremony to commemorate the beginning of construction was welcomed by all involved.

Tanohara 4
Relocated to higher ground from
the coastral area, where the center had
originally been located and hit by
the disaster.
Tanohara 5
Construction site after development

In the Tanohama Area, one of the areas most severely affected by the tsunami in Yamada Town, over 60% houses were completely destroyed, and over 70% were affected if mostly and partially destroyed houses included. In this disaster, the original community center was also destroyed, causing residents to lose not only thier gathering hall, but also emergent evacuation center and disaster prevention base.

Original center after the disaster
(Photographed August 23, 2011)

Therefore, the reconstruction of the center is truly the first step to the recovery of the Tanohama Area, as it is the base of disaster prevention and community activities where all generations from children to adults gather.

The community center will be complete in March 2013. Through such mid- and long-term projects, KnK will continue to support the recovery of devastated areas and reconstruction of centers of community residents.


Tanohara 7
Home to the new community center with
a view of the ocean in the distance
Tanohara 8
KnK staff members at the ceremony

We appeal to your generosity to continue our mid and long term actions.

     We need your support!
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