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■The Hello, Friends in the Philippines! (2012/03/28)

Hello, I am Hiroki Yoshikawa, a Spring 2012 Yujo-no-Reporter. 

We arrived in the Philippines on the 25th and found people with warm hearts.  Wakamono-no-Ie (House for Youth), which is run by KnK, offers shelter to children who cannot live at their home and helps them live independently.  At Wakamono-no-ie, a welcome party was awaiting us.  When we arrived there, I was so anxious that I might make a mistake during my greeting speech.

Final check before giving a speech in Filipino!

But as I spent some time with the children at the House, my fear gradually disappeared, and I naturally fit in with them.  Filipino children are naturally able to remove fears from people’s minds and make friends with anyone.  I was impressed!

The children of the House showed dances and songs for us.  I saw them trying to show us their best performances.  I learned that we can convey our feelings without language if we try positively.

Powerful performance!  It’s exciting!

I successfully introduced myself and my hometown, Yokkaichi City.  I felt embarrassed when I made a mistake in my Filipino speech.  But everyone cheered me on with a lot of applause, and I became filled with a sense of accomplishment.

I discussed the relationship between Japan and the Philippines and introduced my hometown, Yokkaichi City!

I was very happy to have a great time with them.  Tomorrow I will try my best to utilize what I learned today and accomplish my mission.

Great to see you all at the Wakamono-no-Ie!  We’re going to have a great time together!

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