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■The Yujo-no-Reporters for Spring 2012 have been selected. (2012/02/15)

For KnK’s Yujo-no-Reporter (Reporters for Friendship) project, teenage reporters are sent to KnK’s countries of activity meet local people and have interviews with them, and work as a bridge between local and Japanese children.  A number of elementary, junior high, and high school students all over Japan once again applied to be the reporters this year. 

Out of all the applicants, Hiroki Yoshikawa (Grade 6) from Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture,

and Itsuki Kanno (Grade 9) from Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture were selected as Spring 2012 Yujo-no-Reporters.

Hiroki and Itsuki will be visiting slum areas and KnK’s Wakamono-no-Ie (House for Youth) in the Philippines where KnK has been working for local communities since 2001, witnessing the lives of local children.
This year, an event has been planned for interaction with Filipino children who participated in the One-Peso Campaign, a fund-raising event that KnK Philippines implemented for The Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami survivors. 

We wonder how Hiroki and Itsuki will see the world and what they will experience away from Japan through meeting children of the same age and making reports in a foreign country. 
Yujo-no-Reporter activities will be covered in KnK’s website and blogs.  Look forward to reading their reports from the Philippines.
Below are extracts from their applications.

Hiroki Yoshikawa
“I was surprised to learn that children at my age cannot survive without acting like gang members.  I am applying for a Yujo-no-Reporter to do what I can do because I strongly hope there will be fewer children who have to do such things to live.

I believe that if we help each other, we can do what one person cannot do alone.  Then they can go on their path to independence.  There will be a brighter future if they can then help other street children.”

Itsuki Kanno
I believe what is really needed for a person to survive is a strong mind and relationship with others.  If there seems to be no hope and a person is despairing, their positive attitude will sure help them survive to see a better future.  If there is someone next to them, they will feel strong when something discouraging occurs.  I know it is true, through my experience with the earthquake.  The link between people and a bright future are what people should commonly believe in whatever country they live in, whatever situation they are in, or whoever they are.  I survive everyday with support from other people, and I believe the future exists for me to convey my appreciation to those who helped me.


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