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■An opportunity to tell the situation of Iwate (2011/09/01)

We received a report from Minami Sasa (13 years old from Kamaishi city) from France.

◇◆◇ Following is the report ◇◆◇

This is Minami Sasa, a Reporter for Friendship.

On the 5th day at France, we stayed at residence of Ms. Bensusan Tomoko, the vice president of Aix en Provence French Japanese Association.  Yukino and Cindy, her daughter and her friend, both same ages as my age, took me around the city of Aix en Province, and I shopped at clothing stores and accessory stores. In the afternoon, I told the current situation of Iwate to the members of French Japanese Association by showing my handmade reports and  photo collections of Iwate, including my school and my house. It seemed that they deeply cared about us and asked me many questions. But when I told them that we have been so helped by receiving much supports, they seemed relived, and that made me relived as well. They said that French Japanese Association will organize a donation at Aix en Provence to collect money for the victims of massive earthquake hit eastern Japan.  At welcome party at night, I ate Ms.Tomoko’s handmade sushi rolls. I hadn’t eaten rice since I left Japan, so it tasted very nice.
I introduced Iwate to the members of French Japanese Association.
In the end, they asked me many questions.

On the 6th day, we paid a courtesy visit to the mayor of Digne-les-Bains, the sister city of Kamai. I told the current situation of Iwate to mayor, staff members of city, and their children. Some people dropped their tears while listening. 
Their word, “let’s do our best together,” made me so pleased.
Mayor spent his Sunday to show us around the city hall.
I told the mayor that people in Kamaishi are doing their best to rebuild the city.

For lunch, we went to a restaurant at lavender festival, held at city hall plaza. I ate big stake with Simon and Puruneru, both from Digne-les-Bains.
After that, we went to a booth held by high school students and made lavender scent bags.  They said to be bringing happiness.
Lavender festival at Digne-les-Bains
Among many booths, there was a booth for Kamaishi.
Photo with mayor, taken in front of Digne-les-Bains booth
We made lavender scent bags.

At night, we had a dinner at our translator, Ms.Ayumi’s grandmother’s house. We played tennis with French girls and Japanese girls, all close to my age. I had so much fun. Tomorrow, we will go to Manosque factory of L’Occitane. I want to make sure that I can tell the situation of Iwate.

2011 Reporter for Friendship
Minami Sasa


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