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■Joining Secours Populaire Francais (SPF) camp (2011/08/31)

We received a report from Satoe Yasumiishi (15years old from Ofunato) from France.

◇◆◇ Following  is the report ◇◆◇

This is Satoe Yasumiishi, a Reporter for Friendship.

From the 1st day to 4th day of our stay at France, we joined camp, held by School Popyureru Francais (SPF). It theme was “Les Copains du Monde (Friends in the World).”

At first, I was nervous to be surrounded by many strangers. Though, gradually I was able to get along with them through eating and singing together. Singing songs and dancing with others until late night everyday made me very sleepy. So I was shocked to see younger ones active all the time.

Children slept in tents during the SPF camp.
I was able to meet children all over the world at Les Copains du Monde (“Friends in the World”).

On the second day, we had a field trip to Kabul, the outskirt beach of Paris. When we arrived there, there were about 10,000 children already gathered from all overFrance. I had never seen so many people. It was too cold to swim on that day but I made a good Friendship with Sri Lankan children sleeping a tent near by us at the camp.There were about 10 boys and girls from Sri Lanka. We played soccer and cricket. Playing cricket for the first time was so difficult. After coming back to the camp, we visited to the tent of Sri Lanka’s children and gave them presents from Japan, like origami and paper balloons. We made some paper cranes together. I was happy that they liked it.
So many people at beach. I had never seen so many people!
Children from Republic of Togo, Africa showed us their dance. It was impressive.
Before bedtime, we folded origami in the dark tent.
They were excited to make paper cranes.

All the members made presentations on the last day.

In the afternoon of the third day, we had closing ceremony at SPF head office.  By country by country, we performed own national dances or songs. Along with Shinji and Seiji, boys from Fukushima, we sang “Furusato.”

On the way from the head office, we sang “Oh Champs Elysees” and children from Africa played drums in the bus. It was so fun. After coming back to the camp, we had a farewell party. We had chicken stew at that night, which was the best food during the camp. I am regretting that I missed the chance to take pictures with them. I’m wishing I could camp with them again.       

2011 Reporter for Friendship
Satoe Yasumiishi


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