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■For even more beautiful Ofunato (2011/08/24)

We received a message from another reporter of friendship, Miss Yasumiishi, 15 years old, from Ofunado city. She left to France yesterday.  

◇◆◇ Following is the report◇◆◇

I am Satoe Yasumiishi, 2011 Reporter for Friendship.

From August 11th to August 25th, I walked around to see the situations of cities, such as Kamaishi city and Ofunato city, my city.
At Kamaishi city, I saw fireworks and candle night. Those were so beautiful and I had a great time. However, from the fact that even the place, which held the candle night, was affected by tsunami, I realized that people in Kamaishi city also experienced same kind of sorrow I had.

Candle night held at Aoba street,
Kamaishi city

Letter, “Kamaishi,” figured by candles.

At Ofunato, there is a big fishing ship that was floated and reached to the middle of town from beach by tsunami. It reached to the middle of town without crashing buildings around there, so that told me how high the wave of tsunami was. Because of this earthquake disaster, I lost my relative. Tsunami took so many lives so easily, I thought.    

Fishing ship, floated into the middle of town from beach.

We could see a platform when we opened the door at this station,
but we have nothing now.

It is heart breaking that our town has changed drastically, but we are supporting and cheering up each other. Sea is still beautiful just as before the earthquake disaster. Longing for even more beautiful and cheerful Ofunato, we want to do our best to reconstruct!

2011 Reporter for Friendship,
Satoe Yasumiishi

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