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■From Fukushima, to the Japan elementary school volleyball tournament (2011/08/23)

Few days ago, we went to see and supported the game of Oyamada volleyball sports kids’ team.

Oyamada volleyball sports kids’ team had won at Fukushima prefecture tournament and made its way to the national tournament, which is held in Tokyo area in August. However, because of the nuclear power plant disaster, members who were forced to live in shelters had to struggle participating in the tournament. Encountering this situation, KnK helped some fee for their transportation and stay, so that children can participate in the tournament.

Even benchwarmers were united enthusiastically for the game

At the game held in August 11th, staffs and volunteers of KnK gathered at civic gymnasium in Tokorozawa and supported the team along with a cheering party, came from Fukushimna. 

Although we had a blackout in the middle, children amazed us by best of their play. 

Because of the nuclear power plant disaster, children in Fukushima cannot play as much as they like or devote in sports at outside even now.

After the game, coach Suzuki said,
“Children did their best, even in this dreadful situation.”

KnK has been making actions at the coast area of Iwate prefecture, but this was the first time for us to interact with children from Fukushima. We are looking forward to keeping in touch and supporting them anyhow.


Good job!!!

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