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■Presentation to wrap up Jordan report (2011/08/01)

We received a local report from a Reporter for Friendship. He has been reporting Jordan.

◇◆◇ Following is the report◇◆◇

This is Daichi Ishi, 2011 Reporter for Friendship.
We finished all the agenda. On 27th, we had a presentation of video workshop by youth center and a report of what we learned in Jordan. It was held in youth center at Jabal Amman. People from community and Embassy of Japan in Jordan, Japanese teachers in Amman, and American exchange students in Jordan who can speak Japanese came to see the presentation.
    Islam introducing video workshop.    Many people gathered for the presentation. 

For the video workshop presentation, we had 2 films by boys and 2 films by girls. Boys created films with themes of “Be patient when driving” and “Children Respect a Father.” Both films were well performed with reality. On the other hand, girls created films with the themes of “Helping my Friends” and “Welcome to Downtown.” I was most impressed by girls’ “Welcome to Downtown.” In that film, playful girls of youth center introduce the attractions of Amman downtown through interview. Through that film, I was able to know the features of Jordan that I hadn’t know.
Reporters for Friendship doing their presentation

For our presentation as Reporters for Friendship, we showed pictures we took thorough 1week activities. We talked about what we learned and what we felt in Jordan. It was a great opportunity to talk my thoughts to people of Jordan youth center. 
We learned so many things in a week as Reporters for Friendship. One of the things we learned was about nationality. At Jordan youth center, there are 9 nationalities, including Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. Also their home backgrounds are different. I was impressed by a word of one boy, “Friendship can overcome barriers of nationalities and values”.    
Even we could cross the barrier and became friend with them. I had felt that Middle East is a world I could not reach, but we could cross the barriers of nationality and language to be great friends. Hazuki said in her presentation as well; “we can cross barriers.” 

Photo taken at Rome theater in Amman

1 week in Jordan sounded long but passed so quickly. Now the real mission as a Reporter for Friendship starts from now! I would like to tell what I saw and heard in Jordan to people in Japan as many as possible.

2011 Reporter for Friendship
Daichi Ishii



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