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■Home visit and interview (2011/07/28)

We received a local report from a Reporter for Friendship. She is reporting Jordan now.

◇◆◇ Following is the report ◇◆◇

This is Hazuki Komura.
In the morning of 25th, we visited homes to interviewed Rojina and Ronak, Iraqi-Jordan sisters, and Ms.Kifa, one who used to lived in Syria. 
Rojina and Ronak moved to Jordan from Iraq in 2002 to live with their Jordanian father. However, he ran off to his second wife. No matter they wish to go back to Iraq, their father demand to leave either one of them in Jordan. So they cannot go back to Iraq.  They said they never felt happy since they moved to Jordan. I was shocked to know that fact because they always seemed cheerful.
Interviewing to Rojina and Ronak

Ms.Kifa lived in small house with no glass window. She said that monthly house payment is 25JD (about 3,000yen), but she hasn’t able to pay it for 4 years. Yet, she has 8 children. Her job does not offer stable salary. Later, I regretted that I asked a question that sounds like intruding my values (the fact that she is in poverty).
Interview at Kifa’s house

In afternoon, we did presentation about Japan and youth center had their class recitals. In the presentation, I introduce my daily life in Japan with pictures. After the presentation, we received many questions.
Theater class doing their presentation (Some people worn Yukata and put “Kimi ga yo”)

Reflecting today’s action, I want to do better tomorrow!!

2011 Reporter for Friendship
Hazuki Komura


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