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■We will go to Rikuzentakata city in Iwate prefecture (2011/03/25)

Tokyo, Friday 25th March 2010

Dear Friends,
Dear Children,
Dear Partners,
And Dear Members and Supporters,

We are still receiving so many messages, and now more than ever, not only from Japan but also from overseas.
Since many people in the world feel worried by seeing how Japanese people are living under this dramatic situation, they want to share, support, give a hand and tell us they are on our side.
I also can tell you that many people would like to express their admiration and respect toward Japanese people reacting with such a calm and firm attitude.

We, KnK Japan, are receiving many messages of encouragement. At the same time, we also receive funding for our activities.
Japan Platform agreed yesterday to support our next operation for distribution and assessment in Iwate Prefecture (Japan Platform is a group of NGOs helping us to work in emergencies. They are supporting us in all emergency situations such as earthquake and flooding in Pakistan, typhoons in Bangladesh and Myanmar, etc. Japan Platform is a major partner of KnK Japan).

I also would like to tell you that the foreign communities and especially the French community, companies and residents in Japan are supporting us.

The last nights we had telephone calls from the “Secours Populaire Francais”, a leading association in France, working in 47 countries around the world, providing assistances and more to children and disfavored people.
They will contribute their efforts to us! They will support us!

Hohoemi project (CHARITY PLATFORM, Digital Adventure and artists from Asia) are supporting us too.

The world’s poorest street children in Philippines we have been supporting for years are launching a “One Peso Campaign”. Their warm hearts might be the most valuable to all!

Japanese children and youth are launching their project too named “Yujo no Library” (“yujo” means “friendly”). They will send their favorite books to children in our centers, with their messages. I’m sure kids in Iwate will like it.

Many volunteers are calling us to give a hand.
To all of them, to all of you, we shall answer.
Yes we can do something together and we deeply thank you for your support.

After visiting Kita Ibaraki city these days, now we take our decision that our first destination will be in Iwate Prefecture.
It will be Osabe, a small village 2km south of Rikuzentakata city, and we are planning to reach it on Saturday 26th afternoon or on Sunday 27th March.
That community might be the first one of five, six or more if we can, to start an educational support.
We met some youth who are from this area and have survived this terrible experience. They are creating their own local association. KnK is ready to support them.
Hopefully next week we will start helping young people, and others, to restart their lives.

Like all of you, we know the situation through television, and we understand that the reality might be much worse than we see on screen.
Like all of you, we also know that our support will be so small compare to the needs.
We only can help a few people. But it will be a sincere support, with all our heart and determination.

Life is becoming very tough for hundred of thousands of people in the north of Tohoku Region. I sincerely trust that what we are implementing will bring a little bit of happiness and hope for a few of them.

Thank you very much,

Dominique Leguillier
KnK Executive Director

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