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■Dear Friends,Dear Children,Dear Partners,
  And Dear Members and Supporters, (2011/03/22)

Tokyo, Tuesday 22nd March 2011

Dear Friends,
Dear Children,
Dear Partners,
And Dear Members and Supporters,

We are still receiving so many messages from the world. Thank you very much! Last week some volunteers did prepare large posters with these messages and we handed them to two evacuation centers we visited in north Ibaraki Prefecture.
I think that the evacuated people we met in those centers seemed to be moved to know that so many people care about their situation. For them, again thank you.

As I’ve said before, KnK Japan bought a first vehicle and started its rotations to the devastated area. Last week we visited Kita Ibaraki City in Ibaraki Prefecture and the southern Fukushima Prefecture. Tomorrow we will visit the same places and the same centers where the people from Fukushima evacuated from the danger of nuclear power plants.
We are planning, with 2 vehicles, to go to Iwate Prefecture on 26th March, and providing blankets, pamper, underwear, small useful and requested items.

At the beginning of April, we wish to support faithfully five to six evacuation centers, schools, youth centers or community centers in Iwate prefecture, and this support should last at least for six months, and much probably until next spring in 2012.

Done with a small team of 3 to 5 members in each location, plus volunteers, with vehicles, our support will be classified into as followed;
- Implementation of communication links (Internet website, mobile site, etc.)
- Distribution of the daily living essentials (blankets, heaters, milk, pampers, etc.)
- Distribution of the educational materials (books, school materials, games, sports materials, etc.)
- Re-opening of community facilities devoted to education (youth centers, community centers, sport clubs, etc.).

Messages from Japan and from all over Asia and Europe
Many children, youth, teams and friends are now sending messages to our website. Let’s keep doing this operation as long as we can.
We can support with our heart, with our understanding. Please remember that it is exactly why we created KnK: to become a link between children and youth all over the world.

Support from our neighbourhood.
Yes, of course the total needs are far beyond what we can do with ourselves. However, each of us can do something. There is no “small support”.
We shall not be efficient for hundreds of thousands of people. We shall change lives of only a few hundred, and this is our mission and our duty.
The first items which have been delivered to Kita Ibaraki City were collected from people in Shimo Ochiai (Shinjuku District, Tokyo). Thank you to our neighbours.

Five Yen coin Campaign for Friendship (Yujo no GoEn dama Campaign)
In the last ten years, more than 700 schools and associations all over Japan have participated in our Five Yen Coin Campaign for Friendship (Yujo no GoEn dama Campaign). The purpose of this campaign is not only to collect 5 yen coins but also to learn, to understand and to share with children in difficulty in Asia.
Now we are launching this “Tohoku GoEn dama Campaign” in the same spirit. Cildren and youth from all over Japan, let’s show your compassion and caring to our young friends in Tohoku!

Financial support
It is essential for an association to become as efficient as possible in the emergency time like this.
As of today, seven millions yen is initially devoted to that operation. Yet five millions more will be needed for the first phase of the operation.
Depending on our capacity to raise funds, we will spend between 25 and 40 millions yen during the second phase.
We need support from companies, NGOs, private organizations, institutions. And we need, first of all, support from private people. As many as possible.

Thank you very much from all the children and youth that we are supporting.
Spring will surely come in Tohoku.

Dominique Leguillier
KnK Executive Director


KnK Japan is now calling for fund-raising by all means,
Thank you for supporting us !

Through Japan Post Bank(ゆうちょ銀行)
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Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi

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Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi, President Terada Saeko
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3-26 ShimoOchiai 4chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan
(To make sure that KnK Japan keeps track of donation, please let us know your name and contact information via E-Mail, Tel or Fax when you make a donation to us.) 

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