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■Dear Friends, Dear Children, Dear Partners, (2011/03/14)

Tokyo, Monday 14th March 2011,

Dear Friends,
Dear Children,
Dear Partners,

We are now receiving messages from all the countries we, KnK, have been working in, and from Europe, from USA.
From Cambodia, we received some images of our kids showing panels with messages saying “We are with you”, “We do worry about you”.
Our partner SUF from Bangladesh has proposed to send some volunteers to help us.
Messages from Indonesia, from Philippines, from our friends and families.
I want to express you our deepest gratitude. We know you are with us and that’s the most important thing today.
From the bottom of my heart, Thank you !
As these messages are addresseed not only to us in Tokyo but also to thousands of Japanese suffering from those disasters a few hundreds km away from here, we shall upload these messages on our websites (,,
We are sure that they will reach to many of us here in Japan and warm our hearts.

Here are some information we want to share with you.

What KnK Japan will do
We are not medical teams nor specialists in logistic. Our field is education and social assistance
We shall go up to north this coming Wednesday 16th March or Thursday 17th March<
We are now contacting with all schools, children centers and private organizations (such as Rotary and Soroptimist Clubs) we have been working with in the last years and that might lead us to specific places in the devastated area.
We shall identify some places that might need suport and shall implement “Children Centers” to receive and warm children, youth and their relatives during the daytime, until reconstruction starts (we are now thinking of a 3 month-period project).
We shall identify NGOs or local groups that might need help to go on their activities.
We shall work in a close collaboration with other NGOs in Japan, and shall work under the direction of the governmental agencies in charge of this situation and in charge of volunteers assistance.
We shall start raising funds through our News Letter, web site, and directly from our faithful partners in Japan. All accounting will be supervised by our Auditing company and will be presented through our web site in total transparency.

We shall launch a solidarity operation with all schools in Japan that have participated in our “GoEn dama Campaign” (5 yen coins collect).
Children from Japan, and also children from all our project fields in Asia, would be able to show their compassion and to express their solidarity to all children and youth affected by this Earthquale and Tsunami.

Our office and house were strongly shaken last Friday and we had to evacuate 3 times. We still have from time to time minor shakes. Most of trains and metro lines are now working but electricity will be cut by rotation in the different district in and around Tokyo.
We are of course waiting for more news to come.
A major earthquake (M7) is expected (at 70% chance it will happen in the following 3 days) in northern Kanto, that means north of Tokyo.
We still don’t know if the situation in the nuclear plants are under control or not completely (the reactor N°3? in Fukushima power plant did explosed this morning at 11:05).

KnK Japan, International projects.
All our projects are of course maintained.
In Pakistan we are now building schools after the 2005 earthquake (30 schools) and the flood from last summer (around 80 temporary schools). Next phase should start early April. It will.
In Bangladesh construction of the cooperative in the typhoon affected area has started. A new House for street children will open this summer
In Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Burma and Jordan our Houses and Youth Centers will remain active as usual.
We are still planning to go to Timor Leste to implement our new project later on this year. Our project in Palestine should start this summer.
Only our “Young Reporters for Friendship”, scheduled next week in Jordan will be postponed, but we shall propose, to all our young reporters and to schools in Japan, to make some action regarding earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku and Kanto region.

In a few days, Spring will come to Japan.
There will be Cherry blossoms everywhere in Japan. Exept in Tohoku.
Our dream is to have as many a children center as we could in that area.
Our dream is to bring some part of that Spring to as many children as possible.

Again, Thank you for your support,
Please keep in touch,

Dominique Leguillier
KnK Executive Director

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