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■Willing young men (2009/05/28)

Happy Picnic

Rainy season was over in Indonesia. We are rarely troubled with sudden heavy rains, and it seems to be getting cooler in the morning and night. This weather makes it easy for the participants, who use bicycle or motorcycle, to come to youth centre in time. It also helps them to concentrate on their study. The activities of English, Machine and Electric Product Repairing and MC course are reported from Yogyakarta in Indonesia.

1. English course
Yogyakarta, which locates close to world heritages, is famous as a tourist destination city. So, tourism is thriving and demand for English speakers is very high. Actually, many of participants studying at the youth centres are interested in working as a tourist guide. In response to this demand and interest, English teachers introduce a lot of speaking and listening practice to their class. Participants are given theme by their teacher, for example, they are introducing their family to their friend from abroad, or they are giving direction to tourists and so on, and make a story following the theme. Then they act short play in front of the class. Teachers also use video camera for recording participants’ self-introduction one by one and watch it in the class. It enables participants to check their pronunciation by themselves. Thus, English course is really full of variety. It makes the class really enjoyable. It also allows all participants to join the classroom activities energetically. As a result of these practices, participants are getting to have confidence in speaking in English and they actively use English outside classroom. The participants who gave me greeting in Indonesian before talk to me in English now.

Pronunciatino is quite important.

Learning English with message game.
How will a message turn?

Learning grammar with The beatles songs.
Early Beatles are good for English lesson.


2. Motorcycle repairing course framewor
In Indonesia, where the main transportation is motorcycles, demand for the skills of repairing motorcycle is very high. So, participants in Machine and Electric Products Repairing course mainly learn about motorcycle repairing. At first, they learned theory and the structure and function of motorcycle. Then they started practice of dismantling and assembling a motor in a small group. At the beginning of practice they often stopped their work. Whenever they faced difficulty, they asked teacher to help them. They could not carry on their work by themselves. Closing time for the programme was sometimes extended as they could not finish their work within the class. All participants, however, now can quickly dismantle and assemble a motor by themselves without any problems. While they are working on a motor, they also learn electric system of motorcycle, the parts which often have problems and how they fix the problems. These knowledge and skills enable them to maintain their own motorcycle by themselves.

They look serious to listen to the teacher..

They are working together.


3. MC Course
In Indonesia, MC plays an active part in various scenes such as wedding ceremony, Muslim meeting, and regional event. In the MC course, participants learn formulas for each event and practice speaking in front of the class. They visited several events by turns since the end of April for the purpose of seeing how MC works at ceremonies or events. They reported their findings in the class after having had this study tour. For example, they learned that ‘MC should wear suitable cloths for each event’, but it does not mean they can use same clothes for every wedding ceremony. It is better to consider the harmony of their clothes with the circumference at the ceremony. Some participants also reported that MC is required not only speaking skills but also suitable performance for their speech. Participants work as a MC at the youth centres’ events. They make events more attractive.

A lot of laughs in humorous class

The boy is very nervous during speech.

Being a MC in a sports festival.

It had past four months since the project started in January. Participants, who have acquired certain level of knowledge and skill through their programmes, now want to see how people use these knowledge and skills for their jobs. In response to this request, study tours will be conducted not only for MC course but also for other courses. This project is about to reach the half point. Our anxiety is that some participants will be slack in their study. All members of staff and teachers at youth centre attempt working hard together until the end of the programmes in order to support all participants to keep their motivation high and to gain skills and knowledge or results they expected.
This Youth Center construction has been supported by Pasona Inc.

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