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■Opening the programmes for the youth (2009/01/26)

Happy Picnic

Since I arrived at Yogyakarta in Indonesia on the 10th December, I and the local staff of ICWF (Indonesia Child Welfare Foundation) have worked on preparation for the support programmes for the youth (English, Japanese, Computer, Machine and electric devices repairing, Sewing, and Aikido courses) in Grojogan and Jambidan villages in Bantul. Although we originally planned to start programmes in December, we needed to delay the opening day because many people flooded into the youth centres for seeking information and wanted to join the programmes when we started recruitment. Above all, computer course was the centre of the attraction. We needed more time for receiving their applications.
Over four times as many applicants as we had scheduled applied for the programmes. Although we delayed the opening date, eventually this delay brought better outcome for us. We received over 300 applications, which greatly exceed the scheduled number of participants 180. Moreover we could recruit participants not only from Grojogan and Jambidan villages, where youth centres locate, but also from wider area in Bantul.

Prepare for recruting participants

Guidance for applicants

After having closed applications, we conducted a selection of applicants. First, all applicants answered to a questionnaire. Then they were interviewed by the members of staff one by one. Each applicant seriously answered to the questions such as ‘why do you want to join this programme?’ and ‘how do you use your skills or knowledge you will acquire through this programme for your future?’.

Applicants filling in the questionnaries.

Interview with each applicant.

Finally, 100 people for the programmes at Grojogan Youth Centre, and 80 people for the programmes at Jambidan Youth Centre were selected. We were all very happy that such many people wanted to join the programmes. However, on the other hand, it was really pity that we could not accept all applicants as there is a limit to the number of machinery we can provide.

Compiling the results.

They look like Japanese students to look for their name on the result board.

After the results of selection were announced, opening ceremony was taken place on the 18th January. There was an attendance of about 200 including the head of district, the executive director of ICWF, the head of sub-district, the leaders of Grojogan and Jambidan villages, and participants, at the ceremony. In addition to them, reporters from newspapers, radio station and television station, who helped our public relations, came to interview with us.

Preaparing for opening ceremony .

TV crew visited ust.

A lot of people participated in the ceremony.

During the ceremony, I remembered the anxiety among the members of staff about whether we could recruit enough applicants for the courses, our public relations, such as putting up posters, inserting advertisements on the newspapers, and broadcasting on the TV and radio programmes, motivated by this anxiety, the kind supports from the leaders of villages, local youth groups, a governmental job training school and so on. I was so glad to have reached opening ceremony without incident. At the same time, I realised that the number of people who attended the ceremony indicates the high expectation to the programmes, and how this project is supported by local people. Therefore I feel great responsibility for the management of the project.

I realised the strong networks and solidarity, which were already lost in Japanese society, in the community through my activities. Solidarity of community would work as a mutual support within the community. On the other hand, it may hinder the interaction with the outside of the community, arise a suspicion against the outsider, or exclusion of the outsiders. Here I am a visible foreigner, clearly outsider. It is important to show my respect to the local cultures, customs and people, and make effort to integrate into the local community in order to carry on my activities under such circumstances.

Our project was on local newspapers!

KnK Japan opened skill training courses

Banguntapan (KR): Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi (KnK) Japan in cooperation with the Indonesian Child Welfare Foundation (YKAI) and youth associations Grojogan Minggu Kliwon (MIWON) so that the life-skills training center in the village Grojogan Tamanan and Jambidan Banguntapan Bantul, January to November 2009 future.
Shinobu Mashima's Japanese KnK accompanied Yoko Mizutani Project Coordinator, Field Coordinator Nova Triyanti, Yuniardi from YKAI and Arwan, when visit time to KR editor, training activities will be held for 1 year. While the form of training courses in English, Japanese, Computers, Motorcycle reprairing, sewing, Protocol, Guitar, AIKIDO, and other activities. Targeted activities will be followed by about 300 participants.

(from Kedaulatan Rakyat issued on Dec 31 2008)

2 skill centers coming soon in Bantul

Two Grojogan Youth Center and the Jambidan, ready to be opened in January to come. Inauguration Youth Center which is the result of cooperation between the Indonesian Child Welfare Foundation (YKAI) and Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi (KnK) is performed on 22 July ago.
Yoko Mizutani, Project Officer of the Youth Center said this each Youth Center has a special youth activities, youth and childrens is course the English language, japaness language, computer, motorcycle reprairing, sewing, MC, guitarist and AIKIDO. While all of these funds come from Japan Platform (JPF).

"Participants came from each village in the area around Bantul. We target for 40 children, 20 teenagers, young people and 100 people on each Youth Center so that a total 300 people," said Yoko accompanied by the Field Coordinator Nova Triyanti, during a visit to the office of Jogja Daily yesterday.
(from Jogja Daily issued on Dec 20 2008)

The programmes are just about to start. We, all members of staff at youth centre, try to work hard in order to enable all participants to keep their motivation and to gain skills and knowledge or something special for their future by the end of the programmes.

This Youth Center construction has been supported by Pasona Inc.

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