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■“Youth Centre” Completed in Indonesia! (2008/08/07)

The “Youth Centre” has been completed in Grojogan Village, Indonesia with the help of Pasona Inc.!

21st July 2008, clear weather, temperature 30℃, although it feels cool under the shade of a tree, heat is scorching my skin under the sun. This is an old village located in the peaceful countryside, however, you will notice that most of houses are new or in the middle of being constructed if you have a good look at them.
Grojogan Village, Bantul District, the suburb of Yogyakarta in Java, Indonesia. A massive 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck this place about 2 years and 2 months ago. More than 6,000 people died and over 40 thousand injured as well as more than 200 thousand of fully or partially destroyed houses and facilities. With the support of people in Japan, KnK ran the Children’s Centres in 4 villages in Bantul District. These centres were used as educational facilities and also as places for enjoying reading, music and sports in the afternoon until destroyed schools were restored. They were functioning as spaces where children could stay safely while the adults were repairing the houses and local infrastructure.

Then, Pasona Inc. gave us support with the aim of “make good facilities to continue to contribute towards the local people”, and following their support, a “Youth Centre” has been completed. At the opening on 21st of July, a spectacular celebration was held and was attended by the Village Major and more than 200 people. The event started with a dance performed by 3 girls followed by speeches by Mr. Sumarto, who is in the number 2 post of the District, and Ms. Wowong of our partner organisation ICWF (Indonesian Child Welfare Foundation) from Jakarta and then I cut the red and white ribbon as the representative of KnK.

After opening the door to unveil the Youth Centre, a memorial tree was planted followed by a prayer session led by the religious leader, and the finale was a dance to wish for a good harvest. As soon as the ceremony full of local spirit ended, the children ran to the areas of the Youth Centre which they had been looking forward to. There were many shadow puppets (Wayang) near the back window in the library which occupied part of the space inside of the Centre, and 2 boys seriously practiced this traditional performing art using a hundred characters to learn the art so that they can pass it to the next generation.

On the top page of the morning edition of Sankei Shinbun on 5th of July, there was an article saying that 300 nurses and care workers from Indonesia were planned to be employed in the Japanese medical sites, and it is expected that communication between Indonesia and Japan will be more active. In this centre, IT lessons and other educational activities are scheduled to be carried out initiated by a youth group of Grojogan Village MIWON with a support of ICWF and KnK. It is wonderful that our relationship became stronger since we established a base in Indonesia. Someday in the future, children of Grojogan Village might yearn for Japan and come to visit. I would like to ask you continuous support.

Reported by Kimie Moriya
KnK Secretary General
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