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■Building a New Youth Center (2008/03/28)

Happy Picnic

In Grojogan village at Bantul District of Yogyakarta located at the center of Java in Indonesia, a new youth center currently has been under construction. It will be completed during May in this year even though interruption of a work may occur due to on-going rainy season.

In this new youth center, various educational and sports programs and vocational trainings will be provided for children and youths residing in Grojogan village and in the vicinities. This center is also expected to contribute to the community fulfilling the role of the community center to hold village events and other public activities.

The damage of the earthquake that happened on May 27, 2006 in the middle of Java in Indonesia was severe. It killed nearly 6,000 people, injured 40,000 people, and damaged over 200,000 households.

In Bantul District where the youth center has been under construction, the death toll of the earthquake was around four thousand*. It was one of the worst hit areas. Almost two years will pass since the earthquake hit, but there still are houses under repair in the village. The scars of the earthquake are still evident everywhere.
* According to the report of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The head of the village, residents and especially children and youths often visit the youth center construction area which started its full-scale work in March in this year and looking forward to its completion. Leading figures of the village youth group called MIWON are cooperating with this construction plan enthusiastically and also discussing how to run the youth center seriously. KnK will continuously give a community-based support while taking in opinions and requests from residents and youths in Grojogan village.

This Youth Center construction has been supported by Pasona Inc.

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