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■Happy Picnic (2008/02/08)

Happy Picnic

Since we started Educational and Protective Assistance and Psycho Social Care for Youths Affected by the Earthquake in North-Bengkulu Province project, it has been passing three months and now we can see children are smiling again.
On 3rd of February in 2008, we occurred picnic to Bengkulu city with children in Penyangkak village and Lubuk Luseng village.

It is still rainy season here in Indonesia, and it was strong rainy and windy that day, although children gathered at children centre even before one hour and everyone was so excited!
Most of the children do not have so much chance to go out to other city from village and have never been to Bengkulu city. Therefore, the picnic became big event not only for children but also adult and almost whole village.
Today, I would like to introduce remarks upon picnic from three children.

Nopi Yanti (12 years old)

We went to picnic in Bengkulu on Sunday. We sang a song in the bus and gazed view of town from the window. When the bus stopped in Tapak padri at Bengkulu city, we saw some people were fishing. There was a big lake and it was so beautiful. Then we climbed to Benteng Marlborough where old fort was build by Dutch. Then we went back to bus and headed to Pantai Panjam where the longest beach in Sumatra Island is.
We were planning to have lunch at beach, yet it was strong rain and wind, we had to go back to the bus and had lunch inside. When the rain and wind stopped, we got off the bus and playing around with friends. Then we went to zoo. We saw many kinds of animals in the zoo. After we left the zoo, we look around the city by bus and went back to village. I will never forget the memory of today.

Siska (10 years old)

We went to picnic on Sunday to Bengkulu. I had been watching the view when the bus running, it was very beautiful. I watched the traditional house of Bengkulu (Rumar adapt) as well. The bus stopped at Padak Padri at first. In Padak Padri, we visited Benteng Marlborough. After that we took a bus again and went to Pantai Panjam. We had a lunch inside the bus, and then we went to the zoo. We saw a lot of animals. It was my first time to visit the zoo. I was surprised that there were so many beautiful birds!
After we left from the zoo, we took a bus again and went back to village.
When I arrived at home and watching news at evening, the news announced about our picnic and Ms. Hiroko was speaking about us. It was very nice.

Edi (13 years old)

On Sunday, third of February, We occurred picnic to Bengkulu city. We visited Benteng Marlborough in Padak Padri, and we played around in there. Then we visited Pantai Panjam but it was very strong rain and wind. I wanted to have a lunch with everyone at beach, yet the rain and wind were so strong, we had a lunch inside the bus. When we left the beach, one of the bus got stuck in the sand, therefore children of Lubuk Luseng village had to get in only one bus. Then we headed to the zoo with two buses. We watched many animals in the zoo, and went back to village. I was watched beautiful view from the bus. It was very fun and beautiful memory.

Teri makasih !-Thank you !

Although the weather was not so good, we finished safely our schedule, most of the children were quite tired but still smiling when we arrived at village. It was very precious memory and experience for the children, and we could hear much gratitude from not only children but also parents and villagers. I would like to appreciate all of you who support our project. Teri makasih (Thank you very much)!

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