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■Children in Sumatra (2007/11/28)

Slamat Sian (Hello)!

There are still many houses partially destroyed by an earthquake

There was a big earthquake at Sumatra, Indonesia 12th September. A lot of people have been living in a house which had destroyed by earthquake or in a tent which was provided by local NGOs yet it is already two months passed after the earthquake.
KnK is providing a project which is aiming to children’s mental recovery that might have traumatic mental damage by an earthquake at Penyangkok village, Lubuk luseng village and Serangai village in Bengkluku province. Children are recovering from earthquake shock through the activities such as singing music, dance, drawing and playing sports, also, they are learning how to response disasters including earthquake and tsunami through evacuation training.

The supplementary lessons of the class
Indonesian children go to school only in the morning. Some children have to walk three kilometres everyday. Some schools and class rooms are still destroyed by an earthquake. Therefore, KnK has been supporting school education through supplementary lesson.

Children come to our KnK children centre after the lunch.

A girl who draws picture hard

They wait for other friends doing drawing pictures or home works from school. Then they all play together with Indonesian traditional playing or singing music.
Children who come children centre are generally from 2 years old up to 15 years old. However, some children brought their baby brothers and sisters.
When they play, you do not need to worry about their age difference. Elder friends look after younger friends and they think cleverly how all of them can play together.

Let's play a game together

When children centre closed at five o’clock in the evening, children go to the river to take

bath. In the village, most of the houses do not have bathroom. Therefore people do everything in the river; washing clothes, washing dishes and taking a bath.
It is very different from Japan, but taking bath in the river with friends is so much fun!

The training to run away to the hill if a tsunami comes

Indonesia has often hit by an earthquake. And there is possibility of big earthquake happen any time.

However, we have to learn how to react when those disasters happen to save the life. KnK has been supporting children those who can response for disasters using their knowledge and courage.

Hiroko Imao
Project Coordinator in Indonesia

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