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■The latest news from India (2008/11/13)

We are pleased to submit the activities report of the KnK Home for Tsunami Affected children at vailanganni for the period from January 2008 to August 2008. Three years and eight months have passed the Tsunami 2004 which had done a great havoc in the thousands of the lives of the people in the East coastal areas. And it was very specially cruel on the children. Thanks to the support and guidance of Kokkoyo naki Kodamotachi (KnK) Japan, the KnK Home for Tsunami Affected children was started in January 2005 with 42 Tsunami orphaned children. DPWA has been providing its best rehabilitation services for the upliftment of the Tsunami affected children of the KnK Home.

Among the 42 children, 7 were put into better life settlement and the remaining 35 children who continue to stay and having comfortable living at the new KnK Home, a land & building with all infrastructure procured by DPWA in 2007 for facilitating the children. DPWA has been providing these children safe accommodation, good nutritious food, clothing, health care and study materials etc till date.

Another 25 children who lost their parent, sisters and brothers in Tsunami 2004 and totally orphaned and who are living with one of their grand parent are provided with livelihood assistance such as food materials (every month), clothing, health care and educational help for all the four years. These children are pursing their school and college studies successfully.

The life of the children at KnK Home, Vailanganni
The children are having very safe, contented and happy living at KnK Home, Vailanganni. They are well taken care by the Manager, Instructor and the House keeper who stay in the KnK with the children everyday. The activities of the children such as rise up and wash, bathing, morning prayer, Study hours, breakfast, attending school the whole day, evening games, evening study hours, evening prayer, supper and again study for an hour and go to bed in time as scheduled. Everyday they enjoy doing these things in their life. These activities enables them to overcome the shock of Tsunami 2004, to grow with good discipline, mental and physical strength and helps them to be sensible and clever and to be concentrated in their studies. They feel secure in the KnK Home.

DPWA has been conducting training programmes for the women who are affected in the Tsunami. We have a training center at Vailanganni. The women are trained in garments making (tailoring, embroidering and handwork etc). These training programs enabled them to have job opportunities to earn income for the family. Nearly 300 women have been benefited of this training program. The girls children of KnK home also trained in sewing and embroidering in the summer holidays while boys are trained in painting and whitewashing.

We have organized weekly get-togethers once in every fifteen days for the children of Knk home and the children who are living with their grandparents. These get-togethers helped them to overcome the shock of Tsunami, to have chance to share their experiences with one another. During the get-togethers, the children participated in the group games. cultural shows and the competitions such as singing, drawing, dancing and Fancy Dress etc. These get-togethers had really helped them to develop their helping tendency and enabled them to avail mutual help, build up friendship and to share their joy.

Fr.S.Dhanapragasam, President, DPWA has been making regular visits to the KnK home and children provide them educational help and medical help. The president is very eager to see and take care of the children of KnK home every time. Two full time field workers of DPWA have been often visiting the Tsunami affected grandparents and their grand children spending their good time with their families offering counseling and guidance to them as one of the members of their family.

Thanks to the financial support and guidance from KnK, Japan we have been receiving for the Tsunami affected children at Vailanganni. They are well taken care and the KnK home has been a Home with Happy and talented children. All the children are studying well. They are having a very happy, safe and contented living in KnK Home. The Schools and Colleges where these children study have greater appreciation for KnK Home at Vailanganni. We are grateful to you for the generous support you have been extending to us.

President, DPWA
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