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■Call from mother (2010/12/06)

Leak, 16 year-old girl, is now living at the “House for Youth”. She doesn’t have father, and has been living separately with her mother since she was eight year-old. She used to lead her life by gathering garbage since her mother left her. Now she is learning cooking skill under KnK’s support, and studying hard to be a chef in her future.

Most of boys and girls go back to their home in khmer holiday season, however, Leak stayed at KnK because she has no family to live together.

One day in November, a social worker received good news; Leak’s mother wants to contact with her. ?Her mother kept the phone number of another NGO which she used to live, however, she lost it for a long time. Recently she found the number, and the NGO referred her information to KnK.

When Leak heard the news, she could not believe the news; after she understood the situation, she jumped many times and showed a big smile on her face.

However, when she made a phone call to her mother, her face seemed nerves a bit. It’s been eight years since she left her mother and she was confused what to say to her mother.

They couldn’t live together for a long time, however, they are family. Soon after she talked with her mother, she seemed so happy and relieved. She promised her mother to visit her near future.

At the House for Youth, there are so many children who cannot live together with their parents, who don’t know their parents, and who cannot go back to their home in holidays. They live happily together at the House for Youth, however, sometimes they feel lonely and sadness thinking about the family.

We hope every boy and girl can live with their family after they graduate the House for Youth. KnK is working hard to support the children, collaborating with the government and other NGOs. We are very much appreciated your kindly understanding and support for us.


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