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■Finally, it starts today! (2010/07/16)

Starting June 21st, the fifth advance course of Building Bright Future with Haircutting Scissors” * will be held. On arriving at Battambang, Japanese trainers checked the conditions of mannequins, scissors, combs and hair-styling products to be used in the training program. They were then introduced to the advance course trainees. Together they went to a bamboo train station. About fifteen minutes ride on a bamboo train (a lorry truck like vehicle) running on a vacant railroad, feeling the wind of Battambang, they arrived at a brick factory. After a little rest, they visited the brick factory, and using the same railroad, they returned. While making a round trip on the bamboo train, a somewhat stiff atmosphere at the beginning changed to a friendly one.

One of the trainers, Ms. Otuka, the owner of the beauty salon “COMPLEX”, with 30 years’experience as a hairdresser, explained “Through teaching hairdressing techniques, I want to convey to the trainees the joy and happiness of working. Also, as a manager, I want to tell my experiences to the working staff of my salon in Japan, for them to have a broader perspective in their work”.
Another trainer, Ms. Asanome of “NEWTON” who has 6 years of experience as a hairdresser, said “I try to do my best to impart every bit of my skill to the trainees. I want to thank the situation I was in, where to learn hairdresser’s skill was nothing so special. And that I want to go back to the basics, learned when I first got involved in this work. Also, I want to share my experiences with the staff in my salon in Japan”.

*“Building Bright Future with Haircutting Scissors”
Hairdressing Vocational Training courses are offered in cooperation with Henkel Japan Ltd. Schwarzkopf Professional Division since 2008. The 4th basic course was offered during the period of May and June.


A former member of “House for Youth” became a mother.

On June 19, late at night, a former member of “House for Youth”, Ms. Bei (age 20) gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Ms. Bei completed vocational training course in sewing in 2009 and now lives near the border of Thailand and Cambodia.
Ms. Bei whose parents had died at her early age, attached herself to Rakuna, (KnK staff and a social worker) longing for her mother. She wanted Rakuna to name her son.
“It is such an important role” said Rakuna joyfully and shyly with a smile. She named the baby “Samnam”. It means good luck in Khmer. The bed that Sumnan sleeps in is a present from her friends who work as hairdressers at the market. After completing the vocational training at KnK, and having acquired the sewing technique, Ms. Bei goes out into the world as a truly independent mother.
KnK supports and provides these children with opportunities for studying and vocational training. Please give them warm support.



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