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■ Special Day Observance (2011/4/25)

“The Vocational Training and Education Assistance for Youth and Children in Pirojpur District” project conducted the Special day Observance. This event is held one time a year at Non-formal education (NFE) center to celebrate the National Independence Day (26th March). There are 3 competition options such as “handwriting”, “painting” and “essay writing” and each village’s NFE teacher selects which kinds of competition they will do at their classes.

Here, it is reported the handwriting competition on 12 April 2011 at Kamarkathi NFE School.

The subject of the program was the National Song of Bangladesh “Amar sonar bangla, ami tomai bhalobashi” written and composed by the Bengali poet and Nobel Prize-winning, Rabindranath Tagore. The Bangladesh people love this song.

The above picture, teacher wrote them down as specimen, and the translated lyrics in English is the following. The students tried to make a good hand writing in their notebook according to this specimen.

Amar sonar Bangla
Ami tomai halobashi Chirodin tomar akash
Tomar batash amar praney
Bazai bashi
Oma faguney tor amer boney

Ghraney pagol korey        
(My Bengal of God)
(I love you)
(Forever your skies,)
(Your air set my heart in tune)
(As if it were a flute.)
(In spring, O mother mine. The fragrance
from your mango groves )
(Makes me wild with joy)

A total number of 28 children from grade III and grade IV participated at that program. Out of 28, 3 competitors were awarded for their nice hand writing.

The children concentrated their attentions on their hand writing at the Kamarkathi School. The silence surrounded the class during 20 minutes.


After finishing their hand-writing one after another, they seemed to be satisfaction with their works.

Mr. Firoze, Field Coordinator, of the “Vocational Training and Education Assistance for Youth and Children in Pirojpur District” project was checking and scoring the competitors’ writing.  

The students who were worrying about their own marks

After returning their notebook to the students, the children were comparing their results to each other.

The children who were awarded at the hand writing competition program were showing their nice writing. Md. Moin (on the middle), 8 years old, won the first prize at the hand writing competition. The second and third prizes were given to Deamuni, 8 years old (on the right) and Shermin, 9 year old (on the left), respectively. 





Md. Moin’s work

We all recognized that his serious attitude toward this competition led the first prize. Even everyone finished their work, he only tried to confirm and modify his work for making better one.
The NFE students have busy life with helping their parents and chores every day. Therefore, this event gave them to have a precious time for blossoming or showing their talents.

His looks participated of pride.

About 500 NFE students are provided not only Bengali, English, Math, Social Science, but also recreational activities in the morning and afternoon classes through five education centers at present.
The public schools in Bangladesh are generally do not provided such kinds of recreational activities and events. Therefore, these activities have a high appreciation from local people and student’s parents. In addition, this event is encouraged the other children and community people to come to NHE schools.

It is expected that this kind of opportunity encourages children greatly to participate in other programs in the society and helps to develop their mentality well.

Reported by Yasuyo Shimizu (Project Administrator)
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