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■Children's Rights in Plays (2010/5/31)

【Child club】
In the children center, we provide the opportunities to discuss among the children about the problems that they face such as child labor and the natural rights that children ought to have, so that they can acquire the skills that are needed to live through in this society. Last month, training about life skills for children was given to the child club members, and in this month, the opportunity to share this knowledge was given to the other classmates. The contents, which were shared in this discussion, were put on various subjects, and there was a lively discussion among the children.

-Main topics discussed this time-
Five fundamental rights:
Food, Accommodation, Education, Cloths, and Affection. These are the natural rights that children ought to have.

Early marriage
Early marriage refers to the marriage which is under 18 years old. It cause to the family conflicts and harmful influence on the health of mother and child. Also, since early marriage means they have longer periods of giving birth, they tend to have a lot of children, and as a result, they are not able to feed their family members enough. They also discussed that there were some risks that childbirth of youth might increase the child mortality rate.

Polygamy refers to getting married more than 1 time. This causes to the problem of conflict among the women. Moreover, due to the tendency of having a lot of children, they will not be able to feed enough food to their children.

Health care
The cause of diarrhea, the cure for diarrhea.

Child labor
When the family members depend on their children’s income, it is called child labor. It lowers the literacy rate, gives mental agony, and sometimes they are abused by the employer. In terms of the exploitation against children and women, there are the facts that they are forced to work in a cruel work environment such as no food, over time work, sexual harassment, etc.

Child right
They shared their opinion about the right to be raised by their guardians, the right to speak freely, the right to education, the right to be protected from the child labor, and so on.

Discussion in the divided group.

A girl who leads the discussion.

Students who express their opinion in front of many students.

Beside the discussion, short play was performed by the child club members. In this play, they assumed the problem that one of the classmates had, and they discussed about the solutions. One girl has to pay 500tk (650JPY) as examination fee by next day. However, she does not have any money. Although one of her friends who live in next town, Barisal, said she could support the fee, the girl does not even have the transportation expense, bank account or cell phone either. Children discussed about this situations, and the opinion such as “Talk to the teacher about the reason and ask her to delay the payment date.” was offered as one of the solutions. 

As the topic of child labor, they assumed following situation. One parent and one child were told about convenient job in the town and the parent decided to send her child away. However after she got to the town, she was sent to the other person and eventually she was forced to work as a servant in unrelated family house. Parents do not even know what their child is doing, where she is and when she will come back, whereas the girl is abused by the house owner and she have to work in the cruel work environment. What made it even worse was that she have to feel mental agony that the children in that house were getting tender love and care from their parents, but she is not be loved.

In the play, the situation, which gained practicality of child labor such as mental agony or child abuse, was performed very well. Children looked understanding the influence of child labor.

Children who perform the situation
of child labor.

As a next, the play about the quack doctor who dishonestly claims that he is professionally qualified to give medical treatment was performed, and the knowledge about the importance of going to the proper hospital was sheared.

Perform the quack doctor
and patient.

In this play, they performed the situation that vender with speech disorder was made fun of him by the people. Through this play, children became aware that we must not discriminate disable people.

In this play, they performed the situation that vender with speech disorder was made fun of him by the people. Through this play, children became aware that we must not discriminate disable people.

Play about discrimination against
the person with a speech disorder.

To think about the specific problems by performing these plays, children can recognize the right they ought to have, and not only that but it will be the training for them to gain the problem shooting skills. Also, the training of cultivating their creativity by expressing something which is different from any other classmates as using only one pen and representing the sounds of rain by clapping their hands was given.

Exchanging their opinions with the lead of children, not the teacher, deepens their knowledge about the child right, and also improves their ability to think by themselves and the ability to speak their opinion freely in the public.
Because these opportunities are needed for children to live through in this society by themselves, we want to give as much support as possible so that they will have more opportunities which they can exchange their opinions on their own initiative.


Reported by Minako Iwaki (Project Coordinator)
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