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■A guest from the Embassy of Japan (2009/9/02)

On 30th July, Mr. Yuichi Inagaki, the second secretary of Japan embassy, visited KnK project site in Nesarabad under the police security. This event was written in newspaper article with photos in two Bangladesh newspaper. After monitoring our programmes, secretary of Japan embassy was invited by the Tana officer of Nesarabad and talked with the chairman of Nesarabad and the head officer of Nesarabad.

The Secretary monitored our activities in children center such as Bengali, English, mathematics classes, Children’s club and recreation activities like song and dance and also vocational trainings. He kindly visited all children centers in five villeges, Kamalkati, Jyarabari, Laxmankati, Syangale and Asua.

Accompanying secutiry

Moving with many villagers

He listened to explanation
from local staff

He looked very happy
with children's smile


■Voices from new students of vocational trainings

An executive director and a staff member of KnK head office in Tokyo came to children centers for analyzing project progress, and conducted the meeting with chairpersons of community working groups for future activities direction for children.

Interview by KnK staff members

The voices from new students.

Syahinu (18)
I passed S.S.C (graduate examination of high school), but as short of money, I can’t afford to go to college. After graduate KnK vocational center, I will get order of tailoring, and save my money to go to college.

Ripa (16)
I can’t afford to buy text books and to pay for a teacher, I failed S.S.C. examination. After graduate KnK vocational center, I will make money from tailoring for my study, and I’d like to challenge S.S.C.

Mafuzaakter (16)
As I couldn’t finish Class10 (high school 1 grade), I couldn’t take S.S.C.examination. I’d like to get sewing skills, and save money and I'd like to try S.S.C. examination.


■Children 's Club

Here are example that children understand child rights and say their opinion to get better condition.

Syohondanu (10)
After the class, he works as a milk seller. He sold a bottle of milk for only 10 BDT, but now he spoke up ” You can’t cheat me as I’m only a child. This milk is pure and very fresh. If you pay with fair price, I will sell it to you.” Now, he sells milk for 15 BDT. “They cheated me before, but they can’t do that any more.” He understood child rights, he can theoretically talk adult people.

Moniru (10)
He works for fishing. He used to receive 50 BDT for the allowance. But now he demanded salary up to the ship owner and gets 70 BDT a day.

Most of children become politer and can salute when they meet someone although they didn’t understand how to respect older people before. And now they can study quietly in a class. 99% of their TRAUMA from the disaster has been released. As another Cyclone ”AIRA” attacked they kept themselves strong.

It is common that children work after KnK class to be any kinds of sellers on a ferry.


■Parents meeting

Because of lack of nutrition, sometimes children get sick and are absent from school so that teachers conduct parents meetings. Parents exchange their opinions and keep motivation to make their children better condition to go to school. Parents are happy to attend the meeting and now they don’t hesitate to discuss with teacher. Absent children actively ask questions to teachers on the other day and teachers also make a time to teach absent students after class time.

Parents also teach their children the importance of time management of work and study. Parents are pleased with a system of mainstreaming, with which 130 good attitude students are selected from 650 students and move to public school. Parents understand the importance of education though children now.

High rasio of the attendance means that parents have motivation
for children's education.


Reported by Tomoko Oka (Project Coordinator)
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