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■Art Competition in a rural village (2009/6/11)

An Art Competition was conducted at the center in Jalabari village. Children who came from next village Laxman kati was outstanding because of their mal nutrition, thin appearance.
13 children (10 students from KnK school, 3 children who were from child club but belonged to KnK center) from each 5 centers participated in the drawing competition. We divided the children on their age into 3 groups as the same competition group. One group was from 5 to 10 years old, another was above 11 Years old and the other was Child club members.

I will get No.1!

Consentrating on drawing.

■Selecting subjects by teachers

Teachers discussed the subject of the Art competition. Depending on a teaher’s opinion, national flag was selected as a subject rather than the Father of Bangladesh independence, Mojipur Rahman. It was decided that teachers have the responsibility to bring children to the competition from the village and take care of them. They also decided that from the fist to third prize is set to excellent persons.
The date of Art competition had been delayed, so that each children could have had enough practice time for drawings. They studied from pictures of each others, which were decorated on the wall in the center. Children shared their crayons and even teachers was intent on teaching with each other and demanded us extra attached paper for drawing. Teachers taught and advised children in drawing recreation time diligently.
The subjects of drawing were those below.

National Fruits of Bangladesh (Jack fruits)
National flower of Bangladesh
Bangladesh independent memorial tower
National Flag
Scenery of sunrise

A judge is watching them...

This bandana looks Japanese flag
but it is Bangladesh flag.
Teachers can't stop advising them.


■CWG's cooperation
As the sports competition, the headmaster of the public school of Jalabari village (stand in front of the KnK children center) made government school holiday this day for corporation. They considered this Art Competition event as important chance to study historical memory for children.
As a main guest of this event, we invite Chairman of Nesarabad. The president of CWG of each village gave a short comment to children before starting result announcement.

Jalabari village
“At the opportunity of this Art competition, We are not political. This is an opportunity to talk how we do maximize cooperation and contribution for our project. For children, we should coorperate each others and perform this project well.”
He also mentioned that the recent political instability of the village.

Laxman kati village
He started after it was given words of praying of the Islam,
"We must take care of children to keep their smile which they lost after the disaster. We must cooperate with KnK and support its projects. Those will lead us to peaceful and comfortable life. We must help people first, then we will be helped.”
He talked from religious aspect.

Shangal village
It was spoken thanks to the project, the management staff, thanks to the teachers, and big expectation to the project continuation.

Nesarabad county chairman
If there was the villager who interfered with the KnK's education project of these children, it will be no acceptable. Even after the election, we should cooperate with each others for future of our children.

Speeches by village people.

CWG members and guests


I mentioned daily contribution, thanks to the cooperation system of the CWG member of teachers to the project. And I explained about what KnK did after the disaster especially starting Children Centers in each village and the distance to the income generating activity for vocational training and income acquisition of the graduates in the vocational classes. I also added data that 90% of children relieved from their trauma after the disaster thanks to daily efforts of teachers.
The chairman admired it with the student making work of the vocational classes too and praised the income acquisition of youths.

Children are listening speeches.

We can't wait for the results!

Through this event children from five villages had a valuable experience to have a lot of time for drawings with competition with each others. I expect that children keep enjoying and get closed to drawings in children center in future.


Reported by Tomoko Oka (Project Coordinator)
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