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■Sports festival and released from trauma (2009/4/01)

■Sports festival in each village

Sports festival was conducted in each village: Asoa, Shangal, Jalabari, Laxmankati and Kamalkati villages. Social workers established a sports committee and worked hard for preparation. After social workers finished their morning class, they managed the preparation such as microphones, chairs, construction of tents, invitation cards, and they talked to CWG/Community Working Group, which constituted from village leader as supporter toward this project and conducted evening class (Everyone of them visited previous day’s event for the reference.). Management staff members also worked hard in the field and supervised them.
The sports committee decided dividing children into 3 groups depending on their height, not on their age. Children were eager to participate in all items, but committee decided one children could participate in 3 events. (The reason is that one center has 130 Children amount.)

■A unique program

Alternative education center (Children center) items

200 meters run
100 meters run
Cock fighting
Frog race
Long jump
Biscuit race or candy race
Song, Dance, and short drama

Rope skipping
Chair sitting
150 meters run
100 meters run
Fruit race or Biscuit race
Pillow catch
Vocational students items

Chair sitting
Remember race
(Running with culculating small numbers or learning items such as fruits or clothes by heart, then put the items in order.)
Candle race
(Carrying candle to keep fire to the goal)

In chair sitting, on behalf of the music, girls were walking as school bell’s unique sound. This time, we used Bricks on behalf of chairs.
(School bell: Although previous children judge school starting time from sun position, so the time coming to school is different, but now, school bell informs them the starting time, and village people inform children to go to school.)
Vocational section students were also wanted to participate in this sports competition. As there were a few opportunity for them in the village, they also got this various chance. Children had no running shoes like Japanese children, all children run with bare foot.
We will set boys down,
「That is my sweets, don't take it!」
Feeling like to be a frog...
Next being a cock. How come fighting?


■Corporation with each villager

In Jalabari village, KnK school stands in front of the government school, Cooperated with public schools, on competition day, government school was set this day holiday, moreover the school headmastesr conducted a sports competition's chairman (including conduct event explanation toward children). In addition, children especially Child Club president, conducted starting time singing and pray word of Hindu, microphone management among acting students, their leadership was nice and their confident, positive participation showed their every days progress in KnK school.
On the competition day, some guest, we invited government officer, International organization staff working in this area as family planning, neighboring village president, government school teacher etc. Many parents and relatives of children also visited to see this program.

Child Club helped a lot.
A leader of Child Club singing.
Role Play about poverty.
Parents looking for their children.
Waiting for the results.
What are the prizes?
The donation from KnK supporter in Japan distributed to study score excellent students as the first prize, second prize, and third prize (Notebook and pencil). surrounding many people’s applause.
Distributing donation goods.
Happy faces with donations!!


■Speech from guest

When starting time, under the 2 nation flags (Bangladesh and Japanese), the president of CWG stated the gratitude toward Japanese government project. Gratitude toward project staff working devotedly, desired to continuation of this project for a long time. At the same time, requested to village people continue their corporation toward this project, make their children go to school on behalf of make them work (child labor). Although the village political situation is unstable, children will shoulder village development in future, exaggerating the importance of children education and requested them much more cooperation toward this project.
After this sports festival, all staff members and CWG membes lightly discussed this event scale, next activities opinion etc friendly and gratitude each others work we finished this event.

Exchangeing oppinions after events.

Governors also visited the festival



■Children’s improvement condition from Cyclone ”CIDEL”

It was informed that 90% of children’s trauma (Nightmare, indifference toward things) have released accourding to the field psychological survey about children’s condition.
Beginning of this project, many bad dreams, anxiety, luck of concentration were informed, but now children have calmness and discretion. Under the Social workers' efforts toward them and devoted management staff members working for them, this outcome we can see, we are very grateful on this condition.

Advocated child rights, many village people (Parents and village leaders) wish to continuation such a valuable and basic children’s chance to study at school. Now Children enjoy the basic children's rights, they can get the chance of basic child era. All children and village people, and parents crave for continuation of children getting the basic children’s rights and going to school, and having the time to preparation for children’s dream and basic education chance rather than the child labor. Under this objective; children’s welfare, all project staff, members, village people and parents will cooperation toward this project in each village till their sustainability becomes possiblly strong enough to give their children the same support like now. And succeeded sports festivaln was various 1 page on this project.

KnK will hold a the photo exhibition in May 2009.


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