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■Children are hopes of villages (2009/2/01)
■Class composition test

We operated class composition test in each children centers (Kamarkati village, laxmankati village, Jarabari village, Shangal village, and Asua village). We divided all students age from 5 to 15 years old into 3 classes, such as 2 morning classes and 1 evening class tought by only 2 teachers in each village.
The class has no partation wall but we use cloth which weiving students made and which tailoring graduate students sewed.

The examination day, many expected parents gathered and observed their children doing tests. The exams were also hand made. Social workers in each village made draght exams then all social worker discussed the questions and combined them to the universal examination.
We will operate next examinations when a local NGO in DHAKA does in order to judge our students compare with Dhaka students in score sheet. This system will gain our students get the good chance to go to mainstream (public school, high school, even university).

Students got report card of all subjects on this examination.

■Popular recreation

In recreation section, according to winter season sports, we purchased cricket tools, 2 Badminton net to each center. Badminton net is very popular to children, both after morning class and evening class, they rush to badminton net competing among them.


■Marvelous embroider skilled Tailoring students

Tailoring Graduate students not only taking order from village people, but also started making the bag, cellular phone case bag, pouch etc, considering to sell in Dhaka market, foreign country market under corporation of the Counterpart NGO in Dhaka. Taken lecture such a marketing study, Vocational instructors taught students, made several type of new nice product in design and shape. Especially student's embroidery in the bag evaluated very high from Dhaka section.
Vocational instructor in Asua tailoring center made the first shirts from sample, admitted from Dhaka section, near future she will teach other 2 tailoring center's instructors how to make Shirts.

■Accomplishment of the children center and vocational center

was affected by cyclone "CIDEL" psychologically, physically and has got trouble to speak intellectually, but now, corporation from teachers and classmate, has got back her confidence, she'd like to be a teacher in her future.

was affected by cyclone "CIDEL" and has got trauma in psychologically, couldn't answer teacher’any question, she has had dejection feeling, but now thanks for teacher and classmate, became the member of the child club, participates actively in song, dance etc in children center. Moreover, she have got more utterance in her family decision making process.

After her father's death, her mother started work as maid. Syahsana hasn't got childhood benefit. But after she find vocational graduate students sprint, persuaded her mother, became the student of tailoring center, now became excellent skilled professional taking order 1,500BDT~2,000BDT in a month, She and her mother thank this project.


■Start of parents meeting
Depend on the collected information from each social workers in 5 centers, social worker and the management operated toward parents level have a discussion about 2 big factor preventing students from attending school. (get a cold frequently lack of nutrition, child labor for helping parents)
The management staff lectured toward parents that winter vegetables is very cheap with sufficient nutrition; Not only meat, fish and milk have nutrition. Parents talked that children go to school quite happily because of many recreation tools, they like children center very much with parents’gratitude expression.
Parents (Mothers) stated if they have the job, they could give their children more nutrition. They desire parents (village people) level support. On this point, we emphasized, asked and lectured the importance of sustainability; Parents, community working group member have to help social worker in the each centers, project management staff take readership in parents level for children’s future welfare(education) and income gaining in future.


■A KnK Japanese staff member and a photographer came to the project site
The monitoring staff and the excellent photographer came to the project site in Pirojpur district from 15, January to 28, January.
They visited 5 children centers, vocational training centers greeted warmly like flower shower, monitored students’tailoring products, center’s sanitation condition, village peoples corporative atmosphere.

Photographer visited not only brick factory, Muslim religious school, and students' house, but also visited child labor factory under the counterpart NGO's corporation in Dhaka.

KnK will hold a the photo exhibition in May 2009.


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