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■Happy news! Happy news! (2008/10/01)
■Tailoring training school students

The graduate 60 students struggled tailoring finishing 6 months training. As graduated students career, we take them system that they can use school's sewing machine freely in their spare time out of class time. (Advised SUF, working in city factory include many risks (Trafficking, sexual abuse, developing tendency of recommendation working in children’s village)

We purchased cloth banner for advertising of 3 vocational training center order system to take advantage of Ramadan period which many people order new clothes saved money for a year. Banner word, all vocational instructor, social worker discussed and thought of. <Happy news! Happy news! Kamalkati village training center・・・> wonderful word. Kamalkati center get 100 orders from village people corporations. For example, President of government school did campaign toward near 4 villages through children. At last, each graduate students earn their first salary in? their life 40 ~100TK per day.

Taking cloth day (Graduating sewing curriculum, this will motivate all skilled graduate students by sewing their own dress taking this cloth also aims at protect them from heavy rain on raining days.(Vocational students have no umbrella for poverty, on the way to school, they wet till now)They were very pleased this curriculum.

Government school president praised for students taking very cheap order fee from poverty village peoples. He said "This project is very nice this is also very good toward poverty? village people." (One students got skilled , it means that her poverty family have no need to order clothes to shops. Our beneficially is estimated 3500 poverty village people).

Student's Voice

"Relatives, parents ask me to sewing clothes, this time’s order made my attitude changed toward sewing. I‘d like to study more about embroidery. (High skill of embroidery will make students possible getting order from oversea route sewing chance.) Vocational instructor is also appreciated village peoples sincere corporation.”

"Parents bought nothing for me, but now, I can take half salary to my parents, leftover is my allowance. For example, earrings.”

Students have confidence to earn money by themselves, shine, got girls like a slice of simple pleasure. We expect this good motivation make good stream in training.

■Weaving students

Instructor's voice : At first, youths didn't know even yawn, now they can make from yawn to clothes.

Student's Voice

"At first, when yawn was cut, I call teacher to revise, but now we can repair by ourselves, can adjust weight stone.”

"Muscle ache reduced now compared with first time.”

Accomplished wonderful instructor has been a motivating student "If you study very hard, you can live their own life in future". Students trust such teacher, now training difficult work such as let yawn into "Shanna"& reunite yawn work.

■Children center

Eager study children that not our students come our school, when students small time, our teacher understanding project aim, also teach them when they have time. We will give them a chance toward participate our a school as possible as we can.

Bangladesh is very poverty country. Please imagine one time meal , Can you concentrate class, study, drawing picture?

Whenever I ask children what is your want? Many children say” I ‘like to study” It is surprising for me. But they can’t study well for hungry. But they go to school joyfully. They are not losing hungry hardship.

■Student home visit Tailoring New enrollment

We conducted new enrollment students select home visit conducted for survey of recovery condition of village people.

1)Kamalkati village
Father; Dead, Mother; House wife, Manual laborer. Family income is 1/3.of most poverty one. 18 years girl divorce for poverty, help household. 1 ~1.5 times meal in a day.

2)Laxmankati village
Father; dead in cyclone “CIDEL”. Income; aid from around house. Family atmosphere is dark. Very thin mother desires daughter’s enrollment to vocational school. Daughter desires to enrollment to help family.

Considering most priority for deciding students is poverty level, teacher ask question whether students can attend class every day or not, Staff ask marriage plan or not (The possibility of drop out) many time is used this work. Poverty level is different but Parents and children’s desire is very high in all family.

Report: Tomoko Oka (Project Coordinator)
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