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■Children in villages and vocational center (2008/07/24)

■First visit in village

I visited 5 Villages to take uniform. Children can wear uniform and go to school for their future dream .Their eyes were brilliant. Energy of children and teacher were filled in class. It means full of hope, I was very touched their hope. (By Cyclon; CIDEL, many children lost their book, pen and notebook . To prevent them from going child labor in city, toward children we conduct vocational training and unofficial education with uniform.

■Student condition

One Student

KULTUN who live in Kamalmankati village (Age 7/girl)is a student going to morning class(We conduct 2 shift class in a day (morning and evening).This year, after morning class ,she was working in the kitchen for helping her mother. Many children work for help their parents in their free time. While mother did other work ,she was attacked by fire and burned her back. She weared clothes, but if she didn’t wear , it will be more dreadful. .Her family is poverty, She have only one dress except for uniform. When I saw her on the road first time, she wear nothing except pants. For poverty, she can’t buy pair of shoes. So she is always bare foot. Her father is day labor and mother is house wife. Mother was crying KULTUN’s back and regret and village people take her to the hospital.

A student who can’t walk

A student who live in Jyarabari village (boy)can’t walk and always sit. Toward such like student, collecting information from other NGO organization, We will give village people how to access to free medical care under our permissible range.
KnK support lower class (poverty)village people(in Bangladesh, upper class is 10 %,middle class is 30%. In lower class, people who can eat meal 3 times a day is 10 %,twice meal is 20 %, one time meal is 30%.)((Talk from government school president))

■Alternative learning system
(management of Children center)

From middle of June till middle of August is raining season.
CIDEL affected children (students in children center) were absent from school because they don’t have umbrella. So, we hearing from social worker their needs, supplied all students school bag & umbrella.
After supply, many social worker joyfully informed us on phone that all student attend on raining day today !!.
Before, many children walk with difficulty attached many books, notebook and pen. But now, they walk lightly. They don’t need to rush to house in raining with them. They don’t need to study with wet books, notebooks anymore. We expect ragged textbook will endure and efficiency of study, attitude of children toward study, and preparation improve.
children finished their first promotion examination this week.(small test was frequently conducted) We divide their class depend on this evaluation outcome.

Psychological TRAUMA, nightmare, and fear in rainy day caused in cyclone “CIDEL” reported from psychological professional (psychological assessment outcome) Music class (KnK supplied recreation tools ; harmonium, Drum)is very popular among children. Some students start playing Harmonium by themselves. Moreover, Student who are good at dance, anounced us from teachers request. They practice in their home freely in their natural idea dance. Self expression help reduce Cyclone affected TRAUMA and stress release .Children’s bright smile is KnK’s objective, So Gradually we will make the chance to self expression by student.
Mothers are very interested in ALS, it looks like every day is open day. We expect that such many village people’s monitoring lead to more good class management.

KULUTUN was burnt her back

distributing uniforms

My umbrella !

distributing school bags

Mothers are very interested in ALS
■vocational center

Children (Young youth upper 15 age) goes to vocational center eagerly and earnestly and progressed in sewing. Vocational teacher also eagerly educate and many her original textbooks and pattern teaching materials ,design book are put on teacher’s desk. Students at first begin easy children’s pants, Now, some students got ordered from village people and sewing. They now sewing sarowakamyuzu(Bangladesh woman girl dress)They sewing dress designed by themselves ,color chosen and coordinate.
In vocational center graduate examination (writing & sewing) were conducted this week. They divide their course depend on their desire and aptitude.

■Future Plan

Hard supply have already done (Construction of children center, vocational center, toilet and school necessary (textbook, recreation tool). Children who at first were scared are now gradually fine and try to study. But there are boys children who are quarrel each other. Moreover, we find little concentration and calm attitude toward study caused in psychological insecurity. From now, we start program for psycho social care toward children’s mind injury and plan to counseling training toward social worker .After graduate from our center, children and vocational students could enter official school and get a job ,corporate with village people, parents, progress this project.

■Thank to Japanese people

We ‘d like to express sincere gratitude to Japanese people who support this project that heartily appreciated from children, parents, village people . Please observe children and village people’s recovery process for growing together for the aim that children can have their dream in their future.

vocational center

fancy design

meeting with village people

They are all welcoming support from KnK
Report: Tomoko Oka (Project Coordinator)
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