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■Music Class (2008/04/11)

From 15th of May, music classes have started.

One of our two teachers plays the organ-like instrument while the other plays drums; the music is Bangladesh traditional children’s songs.

Kids hesitated a little at the beginning but they gradually got used to it and started singing.

Now some come to the front of the classroom to sing and some even dance wonderfully in front of other pupils.

They told me that they haven’t particularly had any lessons but just dance at home, though I couldn’t believe this as I was watching their light steps.

They were so good that some villagers even threw some money in.

I hope that music helps the kids to get over the traumatic experiences.

You might not be able to tell from the pictures and you may think that they are just ordinary kids, but until a few months back they were so frightened that they couldn’t tell their names to our staff.

Although they get scared when they hear about the cyclone on TV still now, they have generally recovered and enjoy learning in the classroom with a big smile.

I think this can be hugely attributed to the warm heart of the JPF and the many Japanese people that are supporting this project.

I would also like to thank everyone on behalf of the villagers, who truly are grateful, and ask that you please don’t forget about them and give them continuous support.

I would like you to understand that education needs long term view and support.

As a Japanese person and an individual who takes part in the project, I ask that you please continue to support this project.

Report: Daisuke Shizuya (Project Coordinator)
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