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■Report from the areas affected by Sidor 2 (2007/12/11)

■Report from the areas affected by Sidor 2 (2007/12/11)

We decided to research in a base town, Barisal 200 km from the capital Dhaka. The forest area is dotted with many villages when it deviates from the main road. We did easily recognized from a car many fallen trees, and houses crushed by trees and houses which roofs were blown off.

Trees in a forest are blown off
by the storm.
A man was just standing by a house
crushed by a tree.

People were trying to avoid bad
A fallen tree attacked a house
and it killed 8 people.

We sometimes stopped a car and made interviews from village people and started a car, then stopped and on and on. We often heard their voices, “We need more distributions!” Village people had received some distribution from UN and local NGOs such as 10-20kg of rice, oil, biscuits, other basic foods, drinking water and a few blankets. Those foods were not enough for a whole family. They are not informed that the next distribution will be performed or not. It is very severe situation for people affected by the Cyclone.

Interview performed by a KnK staff
People make an appeal,
“Insufficient food and water.”

A family who had run chicken farm lost its chicken house by the Cyclone and nearly all the chicken was killed in a stampede chicken house. Their house was also half crushed. They live in the part of it. Although they were less poor family in this area because they got income with chicken farming, they have no idea how to live from then. People who had been living in poverty area live with income earned by whole members of a family. The Cyclone caused hundreds of family into critical situation that they lost their jobs or got injured. We, KnK, are going to operate projects not only for the Cyclone victims but also consider their basic problems.

Crushed chicken house(front)
and partially destroyed house(back)
Boys selling eggs.
They buy eggs with TK4.2
and sell them with TK5.
The benefit is only TK0.8 per one egg.
(USD0.01 = TK0.7)

Reported by Kyo SHIMIZU
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