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■Report from the areas affected by Sidor (2007/12/07)

Even big trees were fallen down

15th November, 2007, Cyclone SIDR attacked Bangladesh. It killed more than 3,200 people and 800 and more people are still missing. According to the Government more than 8million people are affected by SIDR.

In one of the hardly damaged areas, Patrkata in Borgna Division located in the South of Bangladesh. We met one boy whose name is Masud (8 years old). He has 2 older brothers. He and his family survived from SIDR attack. Because they evacuated to a Cyclone shelter as they had heard alert of Cyclone. He felt so scared of strong wind screaming, sound of the storm, and he also watched that big wave attacked houses and trees. He also remembers the scene.

Masud playing in a center running
by a local NGO.

His father cannot work due to his sickness. Masud was working for selling bread after he finished school. He also cannot work any more so that SIDR destroyed the shop he was working. Even his oldest brother (19) cannot work because SIDR injured him. Now only his older brother (14) is working. Five members of his family cannot afford to live with only the brother’s income. They slightly eat from neighbor’s supports.

There are thousands of children working for their family in Bangladesh as Masud did. Thanks to Cyclone shelters. more people survived from the disaster. But SIDR bereaved people’s livings and condemned their poverty lives much severer situations.

We, KnK, cannot run out on children like Masud. Even less support will be reached in a few months.

Rice field had a lot of damaged
by the storm
Iron roofs was easily blown away

Reported by Kyo SHIMIZU
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