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Summary of Activities
Operate skill clubs and extracurricular activities at the Child Education and Training Center (CETC), a detention facility for street children.

Why Vietnam?
Since the end of the war with the United States in 1975, Vietnam became a socialist country and implemented a socialist market economy and Doi Moi policy. By working to achieve industrialization and modernization, Vietnam also attempted to reduce poverty. However, the rapid economic development widened the gap between the rich and the poor, creating new urban and rural poverty. KnK started a House for Youth in Ho Chi Minh City to aid street children, but the house closed in 2007. Now KnK works with CETC to bring more education opportunities to those at a disadvantage.

Skills Clubs
Children in CETC are not allowed to leave the facility. Virtually prisoners, extracurricular activities provide the only leisure time for these youths. This is important for the youths’ emotional health and ability to grow into well-rounded adults. KnK currently provides Circus Club, Painting, Martial Arts, and four other recreational sports.


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