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 Timor Leste (East Timor)

Summary of Activities
Operate youth center with extracurricular activities for youth considered at risk

Why Timor-Leste?
The country descended into chaos after the conflict in April 2006. This is a very challenging project in a sense that Comoro area, where our youth center locates, is one of the most devastated areas in the previous conflict, and some youths are still indulging in violence. Our ultimate goal is to bring stability in the area by involving a number of youths including some gang stars into our activities.

At the KnK youth center, we offer sports activities such as soccer, volleyball and basketball for youth around Comoro area. We strongly believe that sports are one of the best ways to facilitate harmony among youths. It seems that the reason why youths are indulging in violence is simply because they are looking for a way to express their stressful emotions. Sports help reduce stress in a peaceful atmosphere. Three levels of English and literacy classes are offered with a certification process. KnK also offers vocational training where adolescents can learn how to repair electronics such as TVs, radios, and tape recorders. The youth from the street tend to be eager to learn skills which will be helpful for employment.

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