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Boy who lost many by the earthquake

Summary of Activities
School construction aid in three villages
self-management support facilities and education for youth in three villages

Why Pakistan?
The massive earthquake occurring on October 8, 2005 was unprecedented in the history of Pakistan. All the villages within a distance of more than 100km from Balakot, the epicentre, regardless of whether they are situated on a flat area or in the mountain, were partially or entirely destroyed. Almost 80,000 people were killed, around the same number of people were injured, and more than 3 million took refuge in camps in the frigid winter of the Himalayas.

In the four years since the earthquake, the withdrawal and reduction of business organizations, international aid, and reconstruction assistance of the government has delayed reconstruction of the villages.For many families who are in poverty before the earthquake, there is no opportunity to rebuild or rest.
In addition, due to lack of understanding of education’s value, parents often restrict women's education for religious reasons, which has created a complex situation in the conduct of support activities.

KnK teamed up with a local NGO Friends Welfare Association (FWA) under cooperation with to start rebuilding schools in three of the affected villages and provide education for village children during construction. KnK also actively lobbies for women education rights.


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